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Research Ethics

Welcome to the Research Ethics web page. On this page you will find useful information for staff and students wishing to conduct research in WIT about the importance of conducting ethical research, WIT's requirements with regards the approval of research by the Ethics Committee, and the application process for ethical approval of research.

The principles which inform the work  the WIT Research Ethics Committee

Good ethical governance and review of research is a core value and priority at WIT. It is the responsibility of the The Research Ethics Committee, which is a sub-committee of WIT's Academic Council, to scrutinise all research which involves humans and animals to ensure it is compliant with statutory requirements and is conducted to the highest ethical principals which emphasise the rights and welfare of subjects (both people and animals), treating all with dignity and ensuring that those who participate in research, whether subjects, researchers,other stakeholders and/or WIT are not put at risk.


The membership of the Research Ethics Committee is consists of senior researchers drawn from the Institute's academic community, including staff with specific expertise in ethics, law, intellectual property and freedom of information and data protection. In addition representatives of the public also sit on the committee.

Further Information

If you want further information about the ethics committee or need to get ethical advice about your research project from the ethics committee please contact via e-mail:

Suzanne Kiely, secretary to the Ethics Committee

[email protected]

Ethics Requirements

All WIT researchers, students and staff,  have a personal responsibility for meeting the ethical requirements in the conduct of their research. All researchers should, in the first instance, refer to Chapter 11 of the PG Regulations, seek advice from the supervisor and seek approval from the School or Department authorities for their proposed research activities.

Students may find it useful to refer to the considerations listed in the WIT Ethical Approval Application Form included as an appendix in the PG Regulations.

Following consultation with their School and Department researchers who intend to conduct in any of the following areas will require clearance from the Ethics Advisory Committee:

  1. Human experimentation;

  2. Animal experimentation;

  3. Genetic manipulation;

  4. Use of teratogens, carcinogens and cytotoxic substances;

  5. Ionising radiation;

  6. Collection of sensitive or confidential data.

Each researcher should also note that Garda Vetting clearance may also be required in cases where the research programme will involve placement in health or social care settings.

Ethical Approal Application

If a postgraduate student is required to present their research project to the WIT Ethics Committee for ethical approval, they should complete the WIT Ethical Approval Application Form and submit it  along with all other relevant documentation.

Data Protection

Please see the  WIT Data Protection Policy which all students should read prior to appearing before the Ethics Committee.   If your research project is health related, you should also read the  Data Protection Guidelines on Research in the Health Sector.


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