WIT50 celebrations

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WIT50 celebrations

WIT - proudly celebrating 50 years of inspiration, imagination and innovation

This year, WIT proudly celebrates the 50th anniversary of its foundation. From a small, region-focussed technical college with one building, WIT has grown to be amongst Ireland’s largest providers of higher education. The golden milestone in 2020 provides us with an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the many achievements of the Institute and in particular the leadership role WIT has provided down through the years in the social, cultural and economic development of the city and the region, as well as nationally.

WIT has led the IoT sector in the development of teaching and research; we were amongst the first of the IoTs to award degrees, amongst the first to award PhDs, and we continue to outperform most other colleges in our sector, as well as some universities, in research. We have made a lasting contribution to widening access routes to education and have for many decades worked tirelessly to ensure that every citizen in the South East has opportunities to meet his or her full academic potential through our programme offerings. 

As we have long argued WIT has helped to compensate for the lack of a comprehensive university in the region by extending the boundaries of what is conventional for an Institute of Technology in terms of research and innovation, outreach, the academic disciplines we offer, and our approach to the curriculum. 

While we celebrate and learn from the past, it’s also important that we look to the future and set our ambitions to match or surpass those of the last 50 years. The Institute has declared that it wishes to be in the top 100 new universities in the world by 2030. This ambition echoes that of the organisation’s founders fifty years ago.

The 50th Anniversary celebrations will provide opportunities to recognise and celebrate our many achievements but, above all, they will provide opportunities to recognise the countless wonderful people who have worked tirelessly to grow the Institute over the last 50 years, and those whose vision and positive energy continue to drive the organisation forward and prepare it for the challenges of the future.