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Documents & Policies for Staff

 WIT Staff Handbook
This staff handbook has been prepared to introduce you to the Institute and to familiarise you with conditions, benefits and entitlements relating to your employment as a member of the Institute.

 Respect & Dignity Policy
Section (A) deals with the development of awareness among all participants in the educational process of the need to promote dignity & respect opportunity for students and staff.
Section (B) deals with the obligations of the Institute as an equal opportunities employer and as a provider of vocational services.
Section (C) deals with Bullying & Harassment procedures and remedies.

Staff Training and Development Strategy and Plan 2012 ‐ 2017
WIT is committed to encouraging and facilitating staff to pursue professional and personal training and development both in the interests of performing their duties at the highest level possible for the accomplishment of the strategic objectives of the Institute and for self‐fulfilment.This document sets out the Institute training strategy going forward.

E-mail Policy for staff communication with students
The purpose of this student e-mail policy is to ensure more effective communication with students by the Institute

 Computer and Network Security Policy
The purpose of this policy is to detail acceptable usage and responsibilities regarding computer use and network security at Waterford Institute of Technology.

 Institute Safety Policy
This document sets out the Institute’s health and safety policy for staff, students, visitors and contractors.

 Institute Safety Statement
The Institute Safety Statement is a programme for safeguarding health & safety of all individuals at the Institute, represents management's commitment to health and safety, and states how resources will be implemented in order to maintain the above.  It is a commitment commitment to comply with all the relevant health & safety legislation and provides a framework for continual improvement by setting targets and objectives.

 Intellectual Property Policy
The purpose of this Policy is to describe the Institute's approach to Intellectual Property generated in the context of research in and by the Institute: (a) in such a fashion as to be understandable to the Institute's staff, students and academic and industrial collaborators; (b) in such detail as to provide concrete guidelines in a practical framework; and (c) in sufficient clarity to delineate roles and responsibilities, rights and obligations and to avoid mis-understandings. Intellectual Property FAQ's

 Completing, Granting and Presentation of Awards Policy
This document sets-out the Institute’s policy on granting and presenting of undergraduate and postgraduate awards.

pdf WIT Code of Conduct Policy
This Document sets out the Institutes Code of Conduct ensuring that appropriate standards of conduct are adhered to by our employees.

pdf Recording Policy
Policy on the Recording of Oral and/or Visual Presentations in Waterford Institute of Technology for Students Registered with the Disability Office.

 Code of Practice Document
The Code of Practice of the Disability Office Student Life and Learning.

pdfCloud Storage Acceptable Usage Policy
The purpose of this policy is to outline the guidelines and regulations regarding usage and responsibility in relation to cloud storage of Institute data, in particular the use of OneDrive facilities. 

pdfConflicts of Interest Policy
This policy sets out the procedures to be followed by the Institute in respect to actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interest. The Institute encourages staff and students to engage in external activities, many of which are also of benefit to The Institute. On occasion activities may give rise to Conflicts of Interest. This policy seeks to manage these Conflicts of Interest in a manner that is fair to all.

Consultancy Policy

WIT encourages staff to engage in external consulting in order to maintain and develop their professional competence, keep up to date with developments and innovations in business and the professions and to support regional economic and social development by sharing the Institute’s scientific and academic knowledge and facilities with business, the professions and the wider community.

The Research Office (RO) provides administration support and has overall responsibility for Institute Consultancy Services. These procedures are in place for transparency and accountability as well as the legal protection of the Institute and its staff.  They should not in any way hinder the establishment of links with appropriate outside institutions, companies and individuals or involvement in joint research for industry/institute co-operation.

 Disciplinary Procedure

 Procedures for the Resolution of Grievances Disputes

 Disclosure Policy



pdfOne Drive Acceptable Use Policy

pdfWIT Code of Conduct for the Responsible Practice of Research

pdfWIT Travel Procedures Policy

pdf WIT TImetabling Policy