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Documents And PoliciesDocuments and Policies for Students

Documents and Policies for Students

WIT Quality Manual Section A:
Academic Regulations for Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Programmes

WIT Quality Manual Section B:
Programme Quality Assurance and Enhancement Policy and Procedures

WIT Quality Manual Section C:
Quality Assurance of Collaborative Programmes, including Transnational Programmes and Joint Awards

WIT Quality Manual Section D:
Postgraduate Research Degree Regulations

Student Information Handbook 
The Student Handbook gives a brief introduction to WIT with an outline of the support services that are available to students and contact details for each.

 E-mail acceptable usage policy
Regulations governing e-mail usage at WIT.

 Computer and Network Security Policy
The purpose of this policy is to detail acceptable usage and responsibilities regarding computer use and network security at Waterford Institute of Technology.

E-mail Policy for staff communication with students
The purpose of this student e-mail policy is to ensure more effective communication with students by the Institute

 Completing, Granting and Presentation of Awards Policy
This document sets-out the Institute’s policy on granting and presenting of undergraduate and postgraduate awards.

Social media Policy
This document sets-out the Institute’s policy on social media.

Recording Policy
Policy on the Recording of Oral and/or Visual Presentations in Waterford Institute of Technology for Students Registered with the Disability Office.

Code of Practice Document
The Code of Practice of the Disability Office Student Life and Learning.

Introduction of Repeat Learner Category
This document sets out the policy regarding the introduction of the new Repeat Learner category.

pdf Child_Protection_Policy.pdf

pdf WIT Child_Safeguarding_Statement.pdf

pdfWIT Code of Conduct for the Responsible Practice of Research

Students Complaints Policy

Please contact your School Office and / or the Academic Affairs Reception for further information on academic regulations.

Please contact Computer Services with computing queries.