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Quality Assurance Documents

 WIT Quality Manual Section A:
Academic Regulations for Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Programmes (RTP)

 WIT Quality Manual Section B:
Programme Quality Assurance and Enhancement Policy and Procedures (RPA)

 WIT Quality Manual Section C:
Quality Assurance of Collaborative Programmes, including Transnational Programmes and Joint Awards (RCP)

 WIT Quality Manual Section D:
Postgraduate Research Degrees: Regulations and Procedures (RRD)

pdf WIT Quality Assurance Framework
The overarching WIT philosophy and framework for Quality Assurance is set out in the Quality Assurance Framework at Waterford Institute of Technology document.

 WIT Anti Plagiarism Policy
WIT policy, procedures and guidelines on plagiarism - including text for Student Plagiarism Declaration.

pdf  Academic Council Constitution

pdf  Academic Council handbook for members
The roles and responsibilities, composition, structures and operational procedures of the WIT Academic Council.

 WIT Institutional Review Self Evaluation Report 2010

The WIT self-evaluation report submitted to HETAC as part of the periodic Institutional Review in 2010. This includes a detailed self-evaluation of Institute activities against the criteria set out in the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.