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Quality Assurance Documents

WIT's Quality Assurance Framework

pdf WIT Quality Assurance Framework: The overarching WIT philosophy and framework for Quality Assurance is set out in the Quality Assurance Framework document.

WIT's Quality Manual

The WIT Quality manual is issued on an annual basis and comprises 4 sections:

Section A

pdf WIT Quality Manual 2020-21 Section A: Academic Regulations for Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Programmes (RTP)

Section B

pdf WIT Quality Manual 2020-21 Section B: Programme Quality Assurance and Enhancement Policy and Procedures (RPA)

Section C

pdf WIT Quality Manual 2020-21 Section C: Quality Assurance of Collaborative Programmes, including Transnational Programmes and Joint Awards (RCP)

Section D

pdf WIT Quality Manual 2020-21 Section D: Postgraduate Research Degrees: Regulations and Procedures (RRD)

pdf Definition Organisation Research at WIT

pdf Use of Title of Professor

pdf WIT Code of Conduct for the Responsible Practice of Research

 Intellectual Property Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to describe the Institute's approach to Intellectual Property generated in the context of research in and by the Institute: (a) in such a fashion as to be understandable to the Institute's staff, students and academic and industrial collaborators; (b) in such detail as to provide concrete guidelines in a practical framework; and (c) in sufficient clarity to delineate roles and responsibilities, rights and obligations and to avoid mis-understandings. Intellectual Property FAQ's

pdf Conflicts of Interest Policy

This policy sets out the procedures to be followed by the Institute in respect to actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interest. The Institute encourages staff and students to engage in external activities, many of which are also of benefit to The Institute. On occasion activities may give rise to Conflicts of Interest. This policy seeks to manage these Conflicts of Interest in a manner that is fair to all.