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WIT Policies and Regulations

This section outlines Waterford Institute of Technology's policies for the Institute's students and staff as well as the general public using the services of the Institute.

pdf Academic Council Constitution

pdf WIT Quality Manual 2018-19 Section A Academic Regulations for Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Programmes (RTP)

pdf WIT Quality Manual 2018-19 Section B Programme Quality Assurance and Enhancement Policy and Procedures (RPA)

pdf WIT Quality Manual 2018-19 Section C Quality Assurance of Collaborative Programmes, including Transnational Programmes and Joint Awards (RCP)

pdf WIT Quality Manual 2018-19 Section D Postgraduate Research Degrees Regulations and Procedures (RRD)

pdf Definition Organisation Research at WIT

pdf Guidance note Minor, Special Purpose Awards

pdf Guidelines for International Collaboration in Course Provision 2005

pdf Use of Title of Professor

pdf One Drive Acceptable Use Policy

pdf WIT Code of Conduct for the Responsible Practice of Research