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Consultation & Safety Reps

The nominated Safety Representatives for the Institute are as follows:

Name Email
Dan Meade [email protected]
David Jackman [email protected]
Elaine Pundure [email protected]
Kathleen Moore Walsh [email protected]
Adam Walsh [email protected]
John Ronan [email protected]
Audrey Hearne [email protected]
Aidan Sinnott [email protected]
Christa De Brun [email protected]
Tom Gillespie [email protected]
Noel Ronan [email protected]

The Institute currently has the following Safety Committees in place:

Safety Representatives Committee - chaired by nominated Safety Representative and comprises of representatives from the Estates Office, the Health & Safety Office, HR Office and the elected Safety Representatives. The committee meets once every three months and address day-to-day maintenance and operational issues.


Health & Safety Joint Consultative Committee - chaired by Senior Manager and comprising of management representatives and staff delegates as well as the nominated safety representatives.

  • This committee will meet at least three times a year and its brief is:
  • To recommend to the President appropriate action necessary to implement the Institute’s Safety Statement.
  • To set and prioritise performance standards in order to ensure the continued improvement of health and safety in the Institute.
  • To advise the President on the allocation of resources for the adequate implementation of the Institute’s Health & Safety Policy.
  • To communicate with representative groups.
  • To obtain feedback from these representative groups.
  • To prioritise and implement corrective actions.