How to promote an event

For StaffHow to promote an event

How to promote an event

What you need to do if you're organising an event

Assuming you’ve already booked the room through Estates, and booked catering, put together your speaker and guest list, set up booking and payments, organised parking, there’s still a couple of tasks left. 

1. Add your event to the WIT website events section

2. Book and plan photography

3. Share on WIT social media

3. Pre-event PR

5. Post event PR

1. Add an event to the website

Enter details and an image on the submit an event form before you send out an all staff or share details of your booking engine link e.g. Eventbrite. This page can link to a Facebook page or an Eventbrite page for example, but it's important it's the primary link that is shared.

All upcoming events should be listed on section as far in advance as possible so people visiting the WIT website are impressed by the variety of events taking place, so staff and students can find out what's happening in the WIT community, and so we can share details on social media.

What do I put in the event page?

An event on the website should really give some context as to who it’s for – is it the public, staff, students, etc? You also need to give information about who’s organising it, why it’s taking place, and what it is about. All this information is what we call context and without context a person can't figure out if this is something they'd be interested in attendig or are eligible to attend. You can ask us to update it for you when further details are confirmed.

I have an Eventbrite page or a Facebook event why do we need to do anything else?

Ideally the link we should be sharing with everyone is a link so that people who visit the event page may browse around the WIT website while they're there - it can help student recruitment, getting other stories in the media, and raising awareness of the breadth of activity and good work being done at WIT.

I have a poster. Can you use that?

No, sorry posters are of no use for website events, news stories, press releases or social media. You need to type everything up into sentences and send that along with an image you have permission to use and doesn’t break copyright law.

We put everything on our own Facebook page, why don't you take information from there?

It's difficult for us to monitor the 50-odd social media accounts using WIT branding. If you're doing something worth communicating share it with a wider audience by sending the story to us to add to the website or send out to the media as a press release.

2. Book and plan photography

  • Contact Educational Services for photos that can be used with web stories, photo galleries, and local press, for example.
  • Or contact Elaine Larkin, PR Executive if you require (and have budget for) a photographer that issues photographs directly to national media.

Photos required before an event

If you want coverage of your event beforehand on the WIT website or in the news we need an image to go with this

  • photo of speakers (high resolution for print newspapers)
  • launch type photo or photo of people involved or stock photo of WIT (available on request)

Please note, with planning these can be organised with the help of our college photographers. Please liaise with us to ararnge.

Photos required from an event

  • photo of speaker(s)
  • group photo of 4-5 of main people involved for WIT website and general PR
  • group photos (5 people max) by county/school of visiting students or by county/area from for WIT students/award winners. Individual photos of award winners for regional PR.
  • creative shot for national newspapers

Supporting the photographer at an event

Please delegate an individual who is the primary contact at the event for the photographer and will be there to help get people into photographs for a photographer if necessary, and who will help in getting the captions for photos.

Captions required

  • Name, title and organisation for people from business and other organisations
  • Name, title, department/school for staff
  • Name, course, year, and where from (town/village and county) for students
  • Name, where from (town/village and county) for guests/visitors

3. Share on social media

Request social media to be scheduled from main WIT accounts - email [email protected]. First you will need:

  • An event uploaded to the WIT website
  • Source a relevant image or logo to be included with the social media post
  • What we should post on social media and when

If you have a WIT-connected social media account delegate a person from your team to do social media during the event, using relevant hashtags and tagging the WIT social media accounts. 

Read more: go to the social media section

4. Plan pre-event PR

  • Nominate a person available for radio interviews beforehand, and find out their availability in the run up to the event.
  • Send details for a press release in a timely fashion (a few weeks ahead) so they have a chance of appearing in relevant press.

Read more: go to the PR, news and stories section

5. Plan post-event PR

  • Be aware that the media want recent and relevant material, not something weeks old
  • Prepare your post-event press release in advance by requesting quotes and details from people involved so the press release is ready to go straight away
  • Have photos that meet the criteria required for regional newspapers as outlined above
  • If you have students from certain areas please include this detail e.g. John Doe, Kilmeaden, Waterford