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The Marketing Office manages all central advertising for WIT. Individual schools, departments, units, research centres and groups often have specific advertising needs outside of this and the Marketing Office can provide advice and assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: Consistent with the Office of Government Procurement (OGP) rules, the advertising contract at WIT is awarded through a tender process and therefore all media buying and other advertising related activities must be conducted through the WIT appointed advertising agency (Core Media).

The advertising process:

  • Contact Olive O'Connor or John Power in the Marketing Office to outline your advertising needs

  • Depending on the project, we may require a meeting to discuss options or we may put you in contact directly with our advertising agency who will work with you to put together an advertising campaign

  • This normally includes a media plan initially which you will be asked to approve prior to working on creative (press, radio, online, outdoor etc)

  • It is useful to have considered a few keys things before contacting us:  what you want to achieve, who are the target audience(s), what is the timescale and how much budget is available

  • For a straight forward advertising campaign, the only cost to the department is media costs and any other third party costs (although we try to minimise these)

  • The advertising process can take time. Please get in contact as early as possible

Advertising Agency

Core Media
W: http://www.onecore.ie

Senior Account Manager: 

Alan Barnewell
T: 01 6496474
M: 0868644828
E: [email protected]

Managing Director:

Dave Griffin
T: 01 6496439
M: 0852323955
E: [email protected]