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Ditigal signage at WIT

Who do I contact about using the Digital Signage Displays?

The person to contact in regards to Digital Signage is George Goulding. You can do this by sending an email to [email protected]

What formats do I need to have information in?

The Adtraxion software can import a number of different types of files to display information on the plasma screen interface. These types of files are image files ( JPEGS), PowerPoint files , flash files, & Mpeg 2 files and word document files saved .txt format.

Can I relay information to more than one Plasma Screen?

Yes information can be sent to any number of the Adtraxion boxes at once for display on the plasma screens throughout the campuses. Users require access to all of the location IP addresses to implement this.

What sort of content is suitable for the plasma screens?

The Adtraxion digital signage display is for staff use and you can contact your head of department and your college administrator if you have video, text or audio information that would be of benefit either to your department student body or to the Institute as a whole.

Can I relay classroom lecture or events onto the Plasma screens?

Important events can certainly be relayed to the Adtraxion boxes. However at present it is unlikely that classroom teaching would need to be relayed to the wider communities of the Campuses.