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Estates Office

The Estates Office provides a range of the support services to enable the Institute to carry out its main functions of teaching and research.  The Estates Office manages, maintains and provides property management services to all the Institute buildings and grounds.


The Estates Office manages a range of services namely:

  • Space Management 
  • Maintenance
  • Internal and external cleaning
  • Keys/access control and mailboxes
  • Security
  • Conference and events management
  • Health and safety
  • Energy and environmental management
  • Archive request
  • Grounds and landscaping
  • Project management
  • Co-ordinate minor refurbishments projects



The aims of the Estates Office have derived from the Waterford Institute of Technology Strategic Plan 2007-2010 and include the following:

  • Provision of suitable accommodation, which is fit for purpose and which provides an environment suitable for WIT to carry out its activities.
  • Efficient use of space throughout the Institute whether dedicated departmental use or general use.
  • Value for money in terms of budgeting, specification, tendering and supervision of the estate including maintenance, operational costs and building/refurbishment works.
  • Reliable and timely budgeting for capital and revenue purposes.
  • Flexibility in responding to opportunities with operational, financial or resource implications.
  • A healthy and safe working environment.
  • Developing an attractive estate of appropriate quality that will enhance the image and activities of the Institute.
  • Transparency between the physical estate and the revenue and estates and facilities budget
  • Economic, efficient and effective use of the estate.


The Estates Office is located on the Cork Road campus opposite the Adult Education Office.

Opening Hours

We are open from 9.15am to 5.15pm (Monday to Friday) and close for lunch from 12.00pm - 2.00pm.

General Queries

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 051 302678

Specific Queries

Maintenance requests/reports: [email protected]

Room reservations: Anne Murphy on 051 302859 or email [email protected]

Cleaning: Claire Mulhall on 051 302748 or email [email protected]

Health and Safety: Mary O'Doherty on 051 845517 or [email protected]

Ciaran Boyle: 051 302757 or email [email protected]

Martin Walsh: 051 302241 or email [email protected]

Tony Whelan: 051 306258 or email [email protected]


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