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Sick Leave Notification

From 23rd October to 6th December, 2019, we are trialling an online sick leave notification form.

You can access this form here


The option also remains to inform us via telephone. To do so, please ring us on 051 302050. If you are directed to voicemail, please leave a message clearly stating:

1. your name

2. your staff ID number

3. what days you will be out sick

4. the name of your line manager

5. the department you work in

You only need to inform us via one of the methods above (i.e. online form OR phone)

Queries regarding sick leave can be sent to [email protected] 

pdf Academic Staff Requisition Form

pdf Career Break Application Form

pdf Change of Address Form

pdf Change of Bank Account Details Form

pdf Cycle to Work Scheme Application Form

pdf Dignity Complaint Form

pdf Job Sharing Application Form

pdf Marriage and Civil Partnership Leave Application Form

pdf Maternity Benefit Application Form

pdf Non Academic Staff Requisition Form

pdf Notification of Intention to Take Carers Leave Form

pdf Overtime & Time in Lieu Form

pdf Parental Leave Application Form

pdf Paternity Benefit Application Form

pdf Progression Application Form

pdf Recruitment Requistion R & D Form

pdf Set Up Form

pdf Shorter Working Year Application Form

pdf Travel Pass Scheme Form

pdf WIT External Working Activity Form

pdf Work Sharing Application Form