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Marketing Collateral

The Institute produces a wide variety of promotional material and collateral of varying sizes including:

  • The undergraduate handbook

  • The postgraduage brochure

  • The parttime prospectus

  • Quickguides for all of the above

  • Course flyers (A4)

  • Stands of all sizes

  • Posters

  • Merchandise

  • Contact Olive O'Connor in the Marketing Office to outline your needs

  • Most likely we will require a telephone conversation or meeting to discuss what your requirements are

  • If this is a repeat job, and you are familiar with the process, an email with all relevant details may be sufficient

  • It is useful to have considered a few keys things before contacting us: what you want to produce, what size, how many pages, quantity required, if there are any images you want included, what is the timescale and how much budget is available

  • The costs vary greatly depending on the project. For straight forward course flyers and pull up banners and certain other items, we can get these done quickly and free of charge through our advertising agency. For other projects, we will get a design and a print quote and ask you to sign off on these costs prior to commencing work

  • Please get in contact as early as possible as the design process can take a long time

All print jobs are subject to tender rules – please see the thresholds below:

  • Up to €500 - One written quote required

  • €500 to €1000 - two written quotes required

  • €1000 to €5000 - three written quotes required

  • €5000 to €10000 - four written quotes required

  • €10000 to €25000 - Six written quotes and completion of Quotation Examination form *

  • € 25,000 + Tender Required

Note: All thresholds are exclusive of VAT

The Marketing Office manages the annual print tender for the following jobs:

  • Undergraduate Prospectus

  • Undergraduate Quick Guide

  • Student Handbook

  • Postgraduate Prospectus (every couple of years)

  • Postgraduate Quick Guide (every couple of years)

To get greater value for money, we would ask that you get in contact with any larger print jobs you have so we can include these in the annual print tender.

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