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Safety Statements

Due to our diverse working activities we have prepared an Institute safety statement and a number of departmental safety statements. 

The Institute Safety Statement is a programme for safeguarding health & safety of all individuals at the Institute, represents managements commitment to health and safety, and states how resources will be implemented in order to maintain the above.

The Safety Statement is based on the principle that health & safety can be managed, since accidents and diseases are foreseeable and can usually be prevented.  It is a commitment to comply with all the relevant health & safety legislation and provides a framework for continual improvement by setting targets and objectives.

Departmental Safety statements address health & safety of each department/function and focus on the unique activities of that deptartment/function.  They specifically targets hazards in a given department and sets out the control measures that should be taken to reduce the risks associated with those hazards.

For a copy of your departmental safety statement, please contact your Manager/Supervisor or the Health & Safety Office, [email protected]