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WIT Logo Guidelines

Overall instructions:

The templates are designed to give an idea of the type of designs WIT can use. The colours, images, layout are not set in
They are designed to give maximum flexibility while being consistent in some elements, namely:

  • Logo (crest and words used together at ALL times)

  • Coats of arms must NEVER be used alone

  • Four logo options have been designed with a coat of arms and words for ease of use

  • Vertical English only

  • Vertical English and Irish

  • Horizontal English

  • Horizontal English and Irish

  • The horizontal option is the preferred option as it gives maximum standout to the name

  • Nothing (text, images) must every interfere with the logo – it must get maximum space around it

  • - Do not use the WIT brand as a main brand – this competes with the main logo, takes up space and devalues the overall brand

  • - WIT brand will be represented by http://www.wit.ie

  • - WIT is not part of the logo but can be used in the title or subtitle

- The title and subtitles give the Schools maximum scope to promote their own school, courses, etc

- Horizontal logo works best here although all four could be used
- The web address is used instead of referencing WIT
- No other brand should be within X distance of the logo.
- Recommended that the primary and secondary titles be kept as short as possible for maximum impact
- Only one title can be used
- In case of partnership, where WIT is lead partner, logos should not compete with the main WIT logo.
In this case, bottom right corner is best option. (see far right example)

- In the main, as per option 1
- Only logo option here is vertical English only or both


- In the main, as per option 1
- Horizontal options work best here and gives more stand out to the brand
- Ensure that the image is impactful
- Careful using the logo over an image – ensure that it has sufficient stand-out.