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Work Placement

WIT works very hard to ensure our graduates are whole, rounded individuals who understand not just the theory of their course of study, but also how to apply it in a meaningful way.

Almost 80% of courses at WIT have a large element of work placement, international study, new venture initiative or community service element. This allows the student increased flexibilty to develop in ways important to them, improves communication skills, customer awareness, problem solving, decision making, technical skills, confidence and develops an ability to hit the ground running.

General Enquiries

The WIT Careers Office maintains a central register of staff who work on placements in the various courses/disciplines across the Institute.

Angela Collins
Careers Officer
Tel: +353 51 302038
Email: [email protected]

School of BusinessWIT student on work placement

Fiona Travers
Work Placement Administrator
Tel: +353 51 306153
Email:[email protected] 
Web: Business School Work Placement

School of Lifelong Learning & Education

ICTSkills/Springboard Placements
Joan Mangan

Tel: +353 51 302849

Email: [email protected]

Web: ICT Work Placements

School of Engineering

Tel: +353 51 306160
Email: [email protected]
Web: Engineering School Work Placement

School of Health Sciences

Tel: +353 51 302774
Email: [email protected]
Web: Dept Health Sport & Exercise Science Placements

School of Humanities

Tel: +353 51 845553
Email: [email protected]

School of Science

Tel: +353 51 845575
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +353 51 302037
Email: [email protected]

As an Institute, we value the commercial knowledge and the relationships we develop with employers as it enables us to combine theory taught to our students with practical work-based knowledge.

WIT works with local, national and international employers across a range of industries and disciplines.

If you are interested in work placements at WIT, please don't hesitate to get in contact with our School Offices.

When you graduate and apply for a job, it is a real advantage to have work experience and be able to demonstrate that you can function effectively in a real working environment.

Almost 70% of undergraduate courses have a work placement component - a period of business, industrial, international, public service or community placement during your course, usually in the third year. Our students tell us that work placements provide them with a connection between their course and how their studies relate to their career.

Benefits of work placement to the student

  • the experience of working in a relevant industry, business or organisation

  • the opportunity to apply skills you learn in your study to real life

  • a chance to appreciate the value of team work in working life and allow you to develop your communication skills

  • a chance to earn money while you gain experience (no in all cases)

  • an opportunity to develop links with industry which could lead to a job after college

  • it will give you an edge over other graduates when you are going for that coveted job

How will I know if a course has work placement?

The majority of courses at WIT have some element of work placement or experiential learning. Be sure to check out the individual course on our website and it will list work placement as a special feature on the description page and also within the outline tab.