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Contact Academic Council through its Secretariat:

Dr. Derek O'Byrne - Secretary

Ms. Margaret Maher

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The WIT Academic Council is appointed by the Governing Body, under the terms of the Regional Technical Colleges Acts, to assist it in the planning, co-ordination, development and overseeing of the educational work of the college and to protect, maintain and develop the academic standards of the courses and the activities of the college. Academic Council is, therefore, central to assuring and developing  the standards of teaching, learning, assessment and research at WIT, and in developing and monitoring the implementation of the academic strategy of the Institute.

Academic Council regulations and policies are available on the WIT Policies pages. Academic Council draft documents and minutes are available on the Academic Council intranet site. Academic Council actions and decisions occur at the council itself and also in the committees that report to council. The schedule of the council and committee meetings for this academic year is listed here.

The 8th WIT Academic Council membership is:

Academic Planning Committee

The Academic Planning Committee’s remit involves developing academic policy and strategy and the systems that support the implementation of that policy and strategy. The current Committee members are:

  • Dr. Derek O’Byrne  – Chairperson

  • Dr. Paul O’Leary

  • Dr.  Orla O’Donovan

  • Ms. Mary Lyng

  • Dr. Paul Clogher

  • Dr Hazel Farrell

  • Ms. Rhiannon Kavanagh

  • Mr John Fortune

Academic Quality Committee

The Academic Quality Committee’s remit centres around the assurance and enhancement of quality in the design and delivery of modules and programmes of study at all levels in Waterford Institute of Technology and its partners in education. The current Committee members are:

  • Dr. Derek O’Byrne  – Chairperson

  • Dr. Colette Moloney

  • Dr. Paul O’Leary

  • Dr T.J. McDonald

  • Dr Suzanne Denieffe

  • Mr Jimmy McGibney

  • Dr. Chris O’Riordan

  • Ms. Fiona Dowling

  • Dr. Chris O’Riordan

Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Committee

The remit of the Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee involves developing the Institute’s research strategy, supporting research and innovative and entrepreneurial activity across the Institute, and fostering an environment in which research, innovation and entrepreneurship can flourish. The current Committee members are:

  • Dr. Mark White - Chairperson

  • Dr. Deirdre Kilbane

  • Ms. Wendy O'Leary

  • Dr Michael Harrison

  • Ms Kanika Sharma

  • Dr. Anne Graham

  • Dr. Paul O’Leary

  • Prof. John Wells

  • Ms. Kathryn Kiely

Research sub-groups include the Research Ethics Committee and the Research Postgraduate Registration Group.

Teaching & Learning Committee

The Learning and Teaching Committee is concerned with all aspects of teaching and learning activity in the Institute. The current Committee members are:

  • Dr. Helen Murphy (Chairperson)

  • Dr. Aidan McGrath

  • Ms. Laura Widger

  • Dr Paul O’Leary

  • Dr Rebecca O’Mahony

  • Mr. Terry O’Brien

  • Ms Zeta Dooly

  • Mr Mark Aulsberry

  • Ms Rhiannon Kavanagh

  • Ms Delia Foley

The Academic Council is appointed by the WIT Governing Body to assist it in the planning (including the strategic planning), co-ordination, development and overseeing of the educational and research work of the Institute, and to protect, maintain and develop the academic standards of the programmes and activities of the Institute.

The Registrar has overall responsibility for co-ordinating the above processes and reporting to Academic Council and Institute authorities on progress and implementation. To ensure a strong link between Academic Council and Governing Body, a member of the Academic Council should present a report on the work of Academic Council to the Governing Body at least annually, but preferably once a semester.

The Academic Council has established the following committees: Academic Quality Committee, Academic Planning Committee, Learning and Teaching Committee, Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee, School Boards, Standing Committee and the Agenda Setting and Correspondence Committee. The Academic Council will normally delegate responsibility for detailed consideration, analysis and drafting of policies, procedures and other matters to its committees. Reports from committees on such matters will be referred to Academic Council for consideration by the larger meeting. Academic Council may adopt or reject such reports or refer them back to committee.WIT Academic Structure