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Governing Body

The Governing Body, under the terms of the Institutes of Technology Acts (1992 - 2006), manages and control the affairs of the Institute and performs the functions conferred on the Institute by the Acts. It is, therefore, the authority established by law to govern the Institute.

The Governing Body receives reports from the President and senior officers of the Institute, from time to time, evaluates them and makes strategic and policy decisions as required. Implementation of these decisions is entrusted to the President and delegated to the appropriate officers of the Institute. On academic matters the Governing Body is advised by the Institute's Academic Council.

The Governing Body may establish sub-committees from time to time, to assist it in carrying out its work.

There are currently four constituted standing Committees of the Governing Body:

  • Audit & Risk Committee: Assists the Governing Body in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities as set out in the THEA Code of Governance of Irish Institutes of Technology.

  • Irish Language Committee: The purpose of the Irish Language Committee is to recommend and promote the use of the Irish Language throughout the Institute and monitor compliance with legislative requirements and implementation of the Irish Language Scheme

  • HR Subcommittee: The purpose of the committee is to assist in a review of processes regarding HR / Industrial Relations matters.

  • Sub-Committee to Review the HEA report on Gender Equality in Higher Education Institutions: The function and role of this committee is to familiarise themselves with the relevant report of the Expert Group and any associated material; to consider the  recommendations made in the report and the possible impact of implementation of such recommendations in relation to the Institute; to report to Governing Body on their review and findings in a timely manner.


Code of Conduct

pdf THEA Code of Governance for Institutes of Technology 1 Sept 2019

pdf THEA Code of Governance of Institutes of Technology  1 Jan 2018

pdf Standing Orders 2018 - Governing Body

pdf 2018 Code of Coduct for Governing Body

 Good Practice Guidelines for Governing Members

 Governing Body Agenda Setting

pdf WIT Risk Management Policy

 IOT Code of Governance

 Minutes of 52nd ordinary meeting 28th January 2020

 Minutes of 51st ordinary meeting 17th December 2019

 Minutes of 50th ordinary meeting 26th November 2019

 Minutes of 49th ordinary meeting 29th October 2019

 Minutes of 48th ordinary meeting 24th September 2019

pdf Minutes of 47th ordinary meeting 20th June 2019

pdf Minutes of 46th ordinary meeting 28th May 2019

pdf Minutes of 45th ordinary meeting 30th April 2019

pdfMinutes of 44th ordinary meeting 26th March 2019

pdf Minutes of 43rd ordinary meeting 26th February 2019

pdf Minutes of 42nd ordinary meeting 29th January 2019

pdf Minutes of 41st ordinary meeting 20th December 2018

pdf Minutes of 39th ordinary meeting 30th October 2018

pdf Minutes of 38th ordinary meeting 25th September 2018

pdf Minutes of 37th ordinary meeting 4th September 2018

pdf Minutes of 36th ordinary meeting 19th June 2018

pdf Minutes of 35th ordinary meeting 29th May 2018

pdf Minutes of 34th ordinary meeting 24th April 2018

pdf Minutes of 33rd ordinary meeting 20th March 2018

pdf Minutes of 32nd ordinary meeting 20th February 2018

pdf Minutes of 31st ordinary meeting 23rd January 2018

pdf Minutes of 30th ordinary meeting 19th December 2017

pdf Minutes of 29th ordinary meeting 28th November 2017

pdf Minutes of 28th ordinary meeting 20th October 2017

pdf Minutes of 27th ordinary meeting 26th September 2017

pdf Minutes of 26th ordinary meeting 5th September 2017

pdf Minutes of 25th ordinary meeting 20th June 2017

pdf Minutes of 24th ordinary meeting 29th May 2017

pdf Minutes of 23rd ordinary meeting 25th April 2017

pdf Minutes of 22nd ordinary meeting 28th March 2017

pdf Minutes of 21st ordinary meeting 28th February 2017

pdf Minutes of 20th ordinary meeting 24th January 2017

pdf Minutes of 19th ordinary meeting 20th December 2016

pdf Minutes of 18th ordinary meeting 29th November 2016

pdf Minutes of 17th ordinary meeting 25th October 2016

pdf Minutes of 16th ordinary meeting 27th September 2016

pdf Minutes of 15th ordinary meeting 6th September 2016

 Minutes of 14th ordinary meeting 5th July 2016

 Minutes of 13th ordinary meeting 13th June 2016

 Minutes of 12th ordinary meeting 24th May 2016

 Minutes of 11th ordinary meeting 26th April 2016

 Minutes of 10th ordinary meeting 22nd March 2016





 Institutes of Technology Act 2006

 RTC Act 1992

 Regional Technical Colleges(Amendment) Act, 1994

 Ethics in Public Office Acts 1995 and 2001

Governing Body Membership

The Governing Body Membership comprises the Chairman, the President and seventeen ordinary members.


Cllr. Jim Moore 

Local Authority nominees
Cllr. Tom Cronin (Waterford and Wexford ETB)
Cllr. Lola O ' Sullivan (Waterford and Wexford ETB)
Cllr. Barbara Ann Murphy (Waterford and Wexford ETB)
Cllr. Mary Hilda Cavanagh (Kilkenny and Carlow ETB)
Vacant (Tipperary ETB)
Ms. Mary Ryan (Waterford and Wexford ETB)
Academic Staff nominees
Dr. Kathleen Moore Walsh Waterford Institute of Technology
Mr. Ray Ryan Waterford Institute of Technology
Professional, Management & Support Staff nominee

Mr. Frank Heraughty Waterford Institute of Technology

Student nominees
Mr. John Fortune WITSU President 
Ms. Paula Rochford WITSU Education Officer
External nominees

Dr. Eugene Broderick (Church Bodies)
Ms. Anne Marie Caulfield (Waterford Chamber)
Dr. Riona Mulcahy (Health Service Executive)
Mr. Michael Fitzpatrick (ICTU)
Mr. Martin Costello (IBEC)
Mr. Pat Roche (Engineers Ireland)