About WIT Headers

Our CommunityManagement Team

Management Team

School of Business

Dr. Tom O'Toole, Head of School (Dean)
Dr. Denis Harrington, Head of Dept, Postgraduate Business Studies
Mr. Ger Long, Head of Dept, Accounting & Economics
Ms. Joan McDonald, Head of Dept, Management & Organisation

School of Lifelong Learning & Education

Ms. Helen Murphy, Head of School (Dean)
Ms. Mary Fenton, Head of Dept, Education
Mr. Neil Quinlan, Head of Dept, Lifelong Learning

School of Engineering

Dr. Ken Thomas, Head of School (Dean)
Mr. Albert Byrne, Head of Dept, Engineering Technology
Mr. Aleksandar Kostic, Acting Head of Dept, Architecture
Mr. Derek Sinnott, Head of Dept, Built Environment

School of Humanities

Dr. Suzanne Denieffe, Head of School (Dean)
Mr. Ray Cullen, Head of Dept, Languages,Tourism and Hospitality
Dr. Michael Howlett, Head of Dept, Applied Arts
Ms. Marian O’Neill, Head of Dept, Creative and Performing Arts

School of Science

Dr. Peter McLoughlin,Head of Science and Computing
Dr. Orla O'Donovan, Head of Dept, Science
Dr.Padraig Kirwan, Head of Dept, Computing and Mathematics 

School of Health Sciences

Dr. John Wells, Head of School (Dean)
Dr. Michael Harrison, Head of Dept, Health, Sport & Exercise Science
(Vacant), Head of Dept, Nursing

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Registrar

Dr. Derek O'Byrne
Assistant Registrar Dr. Colette Moloney
Academic Administration & Student Affairs Manager Anne-Marie Frampton
Head of Dept, Student Life and Learning Ms Laura Keane
I.T. Manager Dr. Aidan McGrath
Librarian Mr Terry O'Brien
Marketing & Communications Manager Ms. Olive O’Connor

Vice President for Research

Dr. Mark White
External Services Manager Brian Foley

Vice President for Corporate Affairs and Finance

Ms. Elaine Sheridan
Human Resources Manager Ms. Sue Hurley
Estates Manager Ms. Elaine Greenan
Capital Projects Manager Mr. Paul Quirke
Finance Manager Ms. Cristíona Innseadúin
International Manager Ms. Sinead Day
Technology Transfer Manager Dr. James O'Sullivan