Returning from a COVID-19 infected area

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Returning from a COVID-19 infected area

This advice is for people who have been in an area with Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the last 14 days:

  • If you have been to one of the countries affected and are feeling well, carry on with your normal routine.

  • Follow the advice on how to protect yourself from coronavirus and other infections such as flu.

  • Avoid spending time with people that are ill with a cough, high temperature, or breathing problems.

  • If you develop symptoms of coronavirus within 14 days of returning:

    • do not go to your college medical centre, GP or ED. Phone them first and they will give you further advice. If you do not have a GP, phone 1850 241850, 112 or 999

    • check the list of areas with Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the HSE website

    • avoid contact with people by self-isolating

    • tell them your symptoms and let them know you have been to a country or region with spread of coronavirus