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Staff Information

The wellbeing of our staff, students and our wider community is of paramount importance to us. We are a caring institute and we will continue to do all in our power to steer our organisation successfully through this crisis.  

  • The roadmap for reopening society and business, which was launched on 1st May 2020, sets out how the COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted. It should be noted that remote working continues throughout the five stages, and beyond, for all employees that can do so. Public service employees will continue to stay at home, unless they need to attend the workplace for an essential service that cannot be done from home. 

  • The Institute’s Academic Council  is actively planning for a student experience that will be student-centric and on-campus as much as is permitted within the guidelines at the time. We are very conscious that in tandem with getting course delivery right, that students get to enjoy the authentic student experience of new friends, new relationships, social and cultural activities, participating in sports clubs and societies.

  • WIT Management are continuing to update the live COVID response plan to enable more staff to return to the campus in line with the return to work safety protocol and the easing of COVID restrictions. Remote working will continue where possible to do so. 

  • Further information will issue and staff should continue to check email and remain in contact with their line manager for advice.  Line managers are working through a COVID checklist with their teams including the review and development of risk assessments and segregated teams for each department. 

We continue to be a supporting community and I know that we will work through this together. Remember, “Be smart and inform yourself about coronavirus”, “Be prepared” and, very importantly, “Be kind and support each other”.