Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Common Entry)

Bachelor of Science (Honours)Science (Common Entry)

Full Time
2020 CAO range:
        308 - 589
Cork Road
4 years
240 ECTS

Why Study Science? 

Studying science creates a well-rounded individual who has the ability to analyse and question the things around them, and has the potential to improve the quality of life through the research that they do. Studying science will broaden a person’s understanding of the world around them and give them the skills needed to approach matters in a reasoned and analytical manner. 

What is Science (Common Entry)? 

Science (Common Entry) was designed as a common entry course for the student who has a keen interest in science, but is unsure of which area they would like to specialise in. This course gives the student a flavour of a variety of different scientific disciplines, allowing them to keep their options open when applying to study science at third level.

Science (Common Entry) Degree Options



Course Modules

The modules of this course offer an introduction to biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and computing. Modules are also offered in specialised areas such as Food Science, Pharmaceutical Science, Molecular Biology, Biopharmaceutical Science and Physics. The student can get a taste of what is involved in each of these areas, before making a more informed choice as to which area they would like to specialise in for their degree. 

Science Degree Options

In order to facilitate the delivery of programmes during the Covid-19 pandemic, module outline and order may change slightly for the academic year 2020/2021.

Year 1
Semester 1Semester 2
Introductory Biology Cell Biology and Biochemistry
Introductory Chemistry Mathematics for Scientists
Introductory Physics Physical and Organic Chemistry
Introductory Mathematics Physics for Scientists
Introduction to ICT for ScientistsChoose two of the following electives:
Good Lab Practice and Core Skills *Introduction to Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Science
*Introduction to Modern Physics
*Plant Biology
*Science & Society
*Introduction to Food Science

Leaving Cert: Minimum entry requirements for Science (Common Entry):

2 subjects: H5
4 subjects: O6/H7
English or Irish: O6/H7
Mathematics: O6/H7

Applying for Science (Common Entry) on the CAO:

You can apply for WD002 only ONCE. You must select ONE degree option i.e. PHA (Pharmaceutical Science), BIO (Molecular Biology with Biopharmaceutical Science), FOO (Food Science and Innovation), PHY (Physics for Modern Technology) or GEN (Science - no preference at this point). Applicants who are undecided should choose WD002 GEN.

Applicants who select a specific degree option are guaranteed a place in the programme (e.g. WD002 BIO), subject to meeting the entry requirements and points. 

At the end of year 1, students must confirm their degree option and may change their selection up to that date.

Advanced and Equivalent Entry for Science (Common Entry):

Recommendation for Science (Common Entry):

Applicants should note that a science subject (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physics with Chemistry or Agricultural Science) at Leaving Certificate is recommended for this programme.

Career Opportunities:

One of the best reasons for studying science is the wide variety of career opportunities that the graduate has access to. A science degree is a well established platform to a surprisingly wide range of careers outside science (e.g. management, sales) as well as within science (research, teaching).

Career opportunities will be subject to your choice of specialist exit pathways. Science (Common Entry) is the gateway for four Level 8 BSc (Hons) degrees in Waterford Institute of Technology, which include the BSc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Science, BSc (Hons) in Molecular Biology with Biopharmaceutical Science, BSc (Hons) in Food Science and Innovation and BSc (Hons) in Physics for Modern Technology. At the end of first year you will be asked to select one of the courses to study in order to obtain your final award. For more information on career opportunities visit the following courses:

Follow on study:

Opportunities for postgraduate study are available at WIT and other insitutions. The opportunities for postgraduate study will be subject to the course you choose to get your degree in. For more information on the follow on study opportunities visit the following courses:


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