Bachelor of Architecture (Hons)

Bachelor of Architecture (Honours)Architecture

Full Time
2019 CAO range:
        283 - 587
5 years
300 ECTS

What is Architecture?

‘Architecture involves everything that influences the way in which the built environment is planned, designed, made, used, furnished, landscaped and maintained’
UNESCO/UIA charter for architectural education 2005

What is the Bachelor of Architecture (Hons)?

It is a 5 year honours degree course, designed in accordance with national and international guidelines on architectural education. It has received full accreditation by the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland (RIAI). 

Architectural education at WIT is primarily about developing within each student a ‘design mind’ so that they can bring together in a creative way the complex challenges facing the future world of construction. Students are introduced to design methodologies and work in a ‘learning through doing’ environment in the studio where they explore architectural designs growing in complexity as they progress through the various years. They are taught the importance of culture, climate and craft in developing design ideas. Feeding into these studio based projects are the supporting subjects grouped under the generic headings of ‘Cultural Context’, ‘Communications’, ‘Technology & the Environment’ and a suite of electives including Languages and Life Drawing which introduces students to related disciplines as well as facilitating international exchange programmes.

International links

Agreements have been signed with schools of architecture in France, Mexico and Germany facilitating exchange study programmes. Languages are taught as electives to encourage students to avail of these travel opportunities. Annual trips to European capitals take place in all stages of the course.

Scholarships and work placements

Renzo Piano Foundation scholarship worth E10,000 with work experience in Paris or Genoa office. Urban Laboratory 6 month work placement in Genoa, Italy.

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Bonus points

Applicants who have completed the Leaving Certificate and subsequently attended Further Education (eg.QQI/FET FETAC) or Higher Education (eg. HETAC) courses and/or gained relevant work experience may be eligible for the addition of Enhancement Points (Bonus Points) to add to their Leaving Certificate score where the Leaving Certificate eligibility criteria has been met, or admission to Waterford Institute of Technology where the Leaving Certificate eligibility criteria has not been met. Applicants must return a completed Supplementary Application Form and documentary evidence. pdf Enhancement points policy

Year One

Semester 1  Semester 2
Architectural Design Studio 1 Architechtural Design Studio 2 
Cultural Context 1 Cultural Context 2
Structures & Environmental Science 1 Research & Academic Development 1 
Techne Studio 1  Techne Studio 2 
Visual Communication 1 Visual Communication 2 


Year Two

Semester 3 Semester 4
Architectural Design Studio 3  Architectural Design Studio 4
Cultural Contex 3 Cultural Context 4
Structures & Environmental
Science 2
Research and Academic Development 2
Techne Studio 3  Techne Studio 4 

Choose one of the following electives (subject to availability):

Visual Communication 3
*Detailing by Model Making   
*Publications 1 * = Elective


Year Three

Semester 5 Semester 6
Architectural Design Studio 5 Choose one of the following electives: 
Cultural Context 5 *Industrial Placement 
Structures & Environmental Science 3 *Architectural Design Studio 6 
Techne Studio 5  Cultural Context 6 
Choose one of the following electives (subject to availability): Professional Practice 1 - Management 
*Acoustics in the Built Environment  Research & Academic Development 3 
*Publications 2  * = Elective


Year Four

Semester 7 Semester 8
Architectural Design Studio 5 Architectural Design Studio 8
Conservation 2  Cultural Context 8 
Cultural Context 7 Research & Academic Development 4
Techne Studio 6  Techne Studio 7


Year Five

Semester 9 Semester 10
Architectural Design Studio 9  Architectural Design Studio 10 
Professional Practice 2 - Law Professional Practice 3 - Architectural Practice 
Techne Studio 8 Techne Studio 9
Research & Acdemic Development 5  

Leaving Cert: Minimum entry requirements for the Bachelor of Architecture (Hons)

2 subjects: H5
4 subjects: O6/H7
English or Irish: O6/H7
Mathematics: O6/H7

Advanced and Equivalent Entry for the Bachelor of Architecture (Hons):


Applicants who apply to the CAO by 1 February and have successfully completed a level 7 or 8 course in any discipline, but do not meet the Leaving Certificate eligibility criteria, may be considered for admission. More info:

Graduates from Bachelor of Architecture (Hons) may find employment in fields such as:

  • Architectural Design Offices

  • Researching

Follow on Study for Bachelor of Architecture (Hons) graduates:

Masters/ PhD Programmes in the School of Engineering at WIT

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