Chinese Language and Culture for Beginners

CertificateChinese Language and Culture for Beginners

Part Time
Cork Road
12 weeks
6 Jan 20

This module is designed to introduce the student to Chinese language and everyday life in China, by giving him/her the knowledge, skills and competence to communicate at a basic level with their Chinese counterparts.

Indicative Content
Contexts / themes:
- Print, audio and video materials, and online language learning resources
-Travel and transport; Expressing food preference; Days of the week and time of day; Expressions used to for measurement; 
-Chinese cultural artefacts and architectural style;
-English texts describing basic facts about China; 
-Face-to-face tandem language learning tasks to practise and reinforce module content, e.g. getting to know their partner, finding out about China, describing themselves.
Linguistic structures:
-Initials, finals and tones; Personal pronouns in the singular and plural;
-Possessives;-Question words and question tag;-Basic prepositions;-Sentence with a adjectival predicate/ verbal predicate;-"有" sentence


12 weeks, Tuesday,   7pm - 9.30pm 



 Leaving Certificate or equivalent; or mature student.

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