Master of Business in the Management of Change (part time)

Master of BusinessManagement of Change (part time)

Part Time
Cork Road
2 years

What is the Master of Business in Change Management?logo

We have entered a period of profound social, cultural and economic transformation. Expressions of this are taking place in the great international structural innovations which are occurring in politics, economics, industry and business. Change is also evident in the forms of organisation and in the speed with which new ideas become the basis for new industries here and overseas. A new socio economic model of development is being created which is making obsolete traditional visions of the political, cultural, economic and business possibilities of life. The purpose of this programme is to enable you as a leader in your organisation to initiate and address issues connected with change, complexity and innovation.

About the Programme

The programme places great emphasis on the psychology of the individual and the organisation, on the development of participant self-awareness and values, on successful organisational development approaches, and on the mastery of change management.

The workload

In the first year the course runs over one day per week (usually from 2pm to 10pm), an allowance which fully provides sufficient time for the taught element while at the same time minimises release for participants to a single half-day. In the second year there are a number of events in the action research process including a data collection colloquium, a network poster event, an international study trip and flexibly timetabled supervised meetings.

Action Research and Thesis

The thesis dissertation will involve the research and write up of a work related critical incident in the areas of organisational change or development. The action research projects and research topics selected by candidates should ideally be within their own work organisations. The thesis dissertation will also conform to the common dissertation policies and guidelines adopted for all postgraduate programmes. In addition to these guidelines participant research progress will be monitored and evaluated through the use of log- books that will be kept for the duration of the action research project and written-up by each individual participant.

 MBS in the Management of Change Detailed Prospectus 

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Year 1

Semester 1 Semester 2
Organisation Development and Behaviour Strategic Design, Management and Renewal
Economic and Social Change Action Research Methods (Planning Research)

Year 2

Semester 1 Semester 2
Data Collection Protocol (DCP) Presentation (Implementing change/intervention) Findings Poster Presentation (Findings)
  Reflective Log
  Action Research Dissertation

Interested applicants should be knowledgeable about the contemporary environments that face organisations including features such as complexity, pace of change, controllable and uncontrollable factors, and the management and change challenges confronting organisations. They should also display a competence in solving problems analytically and in separating issues and problems in terms of cause and effect. Specifically we look for:

  • A degree or professional qualification in business, science, engineering or humanities. 

  • Minimum age 23 years.

  • Three years management experience ideally at senior level

  • Applicants whose first language is not English must submit evidence of competency in English, please see WIT’s English Language Requirements for details.

  • Satisfactory performance at programme interview

In exceptional circumstances a candidate may be admitted to the programme even though they fail to meet the stipulated academic criteria. There will be three major determinants for entry in this situation. The first is that the candidate’s managerial experience is sufficient to offset the shortfall in prior academic achievement. The second is that the candidate, based on an interview convened by the Course Board, displays sufficient verbal, written and problem-solving abilities.

Finally, based on the interview, or any qualifying test set for this purpose, the candidate must clearly exhibit an ability to contribute, at least equally, to course success.



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How to Apply

Interested applicants should directly contact the programme director: Prof. Denis Harrington. 

E: [email protected]

On successful completion of this two-year part-time programme a candidate will be expected to:

  • Be knowledgeable about the contemporary environments that face organisations including features such as complexity, pace of change, controllable and uncontrollable factors, and the management and developmental challenges confronting organisations.

  • Display a competence in solving problems analytically and in separating issues and problems in terms of cause and effect.

  • Have a strong insight into the power of effective management action and the power of the human resource.

  • Have a thorough understanding and skill set in applying relevant models to the areas of organisational development, change management and strategic functioning.

  • Be able to distil the management and other factors that distinguish corporate and organisational success from those that lead to reduction, decline and failure.

  • Be fully familiar with change management and organisational development theory and practice and be able to apply this to their own organisations.

  • Have a developed research capability sufficient to enable him/her to conclude a successful action research project and to satisfactorily write this up in thesis form.

  • Convincingly present information and evidence as a key basis for maintaining or altering a management or change agenda.

  • Be aware of and fully recognise the new ethical, corporate reporting and social responsibility contexts within which organisations now operate.

Student Testimonial

  “I found completing the MBS very challenging and hugely rewarding. It has helped me in a very practical way to keep up a momentum of change within my own area of responsibility at work. I also got great enjoyment out of the lectures and from interacting with people working in many different areas. The lecturers were very facilitating and helpful to all students. The course has enhanced my confidence as a manager and has widened my horizons in terms of potential future career options. The benefits I gained from pursuing this course definitely outweigh all the effort entailed.”

Aileen McHugh, Group Manager, Property Registration Authority

“With regard to the MBS in Change, very soon into the course I realised the real value of this course to me at work. In our business we continuously changed our direction and strategy, at times to survive; other times to try developing and grow the business…the course provided me with the framework to manage the necessary personal and business changes to overcome serious earlier business issues.”

John Molly - Managing Director, Azzurri

Course Leader

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