On CampusWIT Student ID Card

WIT Student ID Card

The WITCard is your identity on campus and allows you access to buildings (labs, classrooms etc.) and services including the Institute Library. Your WITCard is also required for Exam attendance; class attendance, additional services can be added to your WITCard, such as your accommodation access and printing and photocopying. Request a Card,

Ordering a new WITCard

You will need to order your WITCard before you arrive at the Institute, as you will need it to access most of the facilities and buildings on campus

Ordering your first WITCard

To order your first WITCard, you must have received your Institute username and password

You will be asked to log in using your university login details, and you will need to upload a suitable digital passport-style photograph.

It is important to order your WITCard before you start your course, as you will need it to access many of the facilities and buildings on campus.

Your ID card will be ready to collect within 1-2 working days.

If you apply for your WITCard Card in September, please collect your WITCard as part of the WITStart Orientation programme. Outside of this period you can collect your WITCard from the WIT Bubble office located on the Cork Road Campus. You will need to bring some photo ID or college registration details with you when you collect your WITCard.

Using your WITCard & Frequently Asked questions

Your WITCard is your identification on Campus, and allows you to gain access to the Institute libraries and other Institute buildings and secure areas: 

  • My Card does not beep on the card readers

The chip on your card may no longer be working.  If your card does not beep on any of the card readers please consider it may be faulty, call to the WIT bubble to have it checked

  • My Card does not allow me access when I try enter rooms and building (the light is flashing red)

Please visit the WIT Bubble where we will be able to test your card and advise what the problem is.  (It is important to ensure that you have been granted access to the area you are trying to enter).  Alternatively please email us at [email protected] or call to the Bubble office on the Cork Road campus.

  • I need additional access on my card

Access which is not standard for your course or post must be requested to be added to your card by your head of department or course leader through the college estates office.  If you require further information please email us at [email protected] or call to the Bubble office on the Cork Road campus.

  • I can’t use my card to print or photocopy

You will need to synchronise any new WITCard with the print system to be able to print or photocopy using your WITCard.  To do so, please enter your user ID and password on the login screen.  You will be requested to touch your ID Card on the card reader.  You should now be synced with the print system

  • I have lost my WITCard, how do I apply for a replacement

If you have lost your WITCard or your WITCard is faulty or damaged you can apply for your ID card online. You can collect the card within two working days from the Bubble Office on the Cork Road Campus or we can arrange for it to be delivered to a satellite campus. Replacement cards cost €20.

  • My WITCard will not let me access Institute services what should I do?

If you are unable to access the library or other services with your ID card your card may be damaged or be faulty. If you do not hear a beep when trying to use your card then it is likely that the chip is no longer working and you should order a new card online.

If the card does beep when you try to use it but will not let you access certain buildings or services then the card may have expired. If you have not finished your course you can apply for a new card.

What are the photo guidelines?

The photo you provide for your WITCard card must meet specific standards and approval is at the full discretion of the Bubble services. It is your responsibility to provide acceptable photographs. If you do not, your ID card may be delayed or rejected as invalid.

Photo Guidelines

  • The photo should be a recent and true likeness of you
  • The photo must be in colour
  • The photo should clearly show your head and shoulders
  • The photo should have a plain background
  • Look straight in to the camera
  • Make sure your eyes are fully visible. Make sure your hair does not cover your eyes. If you wear glasses, make sure there are no reflections: in case of doubt the best idea is to take them off. Tinted glasses and sunglasses are not allowed
  • No head covering unless worn for religious or medical reasons
  • Do not use filters or photo editing software
  • If you are unsure please follow the passport photo guidelines. (link https://www.dfa.ie/passports/photo-guidelines/)