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Christian Union Society

The aim of the Christian Union is to create a Christian Community in W.I.T. It aims to serve not only the Christian students in the development of their faith, but to provide a space to facilitate and enrich the spiritual development of any and all W.I.T students.

The Christian Union has weekly meetings, in which we explore different aspects of Christian Theology from the bible that develops our faith. This is a student- led Bible study,  but from time to time Speakers will be invited. On the last week of the month there will be a social after the main meeting to create community and a fun atmosphere.

There are prayer groups that meet weekly to provide a sense of support and care for students. 

Main Meeting: Thursdays at 5:45 in Room F02.
Weekly prayer group: Tuesday at 1-2 in the prayer room. 

Committee Members 2013-2014


Chairperson Paul Quinlan 089-4127822
Secretary Samuel Keating  
Treasurer Kieran Dowling  
P.R.O Alanna Kennedy  
Membership Development Officer Andrew Thompson  

Contact Person: Paul Quinlan- [email protected]

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