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Scholarship How to Apply

Applying for a Sports Scholarship

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Once the Scholarship Committee has received all of the applicant’s application forms, each application is reviewed in great depth. Students who apply by March 1st will be considered for interveiw and an Early Scholarship Offer. Anyone after this date will have until the deadline on September 12th to apply for a Scholarship. Previous Scholarship recipients are also reviewed for their sporting and academic performance from the year gone by.  

First year students are awarded at the Emerging Talent or Bronze Schoalrship, with an opportunity for all recipients to move on to Silver and Gold levels through the years. In exceptional circumstances Silver/Gold Scholarships can be awarded without the applicant having received the Bronze award.   

How to Apply:

To apply to WIT Sports Scholarship Programme,

Fill out WIT Scholarship Application form below.
Attach any relevant information necessary to help your application.

When to Apply:

Applications for 2017-2018 Sport Scholarships 1st round is now open.

Closing Date:

Closing date for Early Scholarship Offers is 1st March. Final deadline is September 12th.

(Forms submitted before 1st March 2017 will be eligible for Early Round Scholarship Offers and may be called for interview).

Forms received after this date or who are unsuccessful in the Early Round Offers will be contacted and considered ahead of September 12th deadline.

Alternatively, you can Email: [email protected] or Tel: 051-302192.

Other sport specific Sport Scholarships available at WIT:

GAA Scholarships:

Each year, the GAA Munster Council part-fund a number of GAA Scholarship Awards for students from Munster. These awards are available in hurling, men’s and ladies’ gaelic football and camogie. Application forms for these are available in September at the start of each academic year through the WIT GAA Office or from the WIT Clubs and Societies Office. For further information, visit the Munster Council Website.

The Gaelic Players Association and Womens Gaelic Players Associoation also fund a number of GAA/GPA Scholarships for any of our inter county senior hurlers and footballers that ahve been selected on the previous years championship panel. These players must meet the criteria for these scholarships and more information can be found on the GPA/WGPA website.


WIT GPA Scholarship Recipients

Pictured are some of the GPA scholarship recipients with Jerry O' Sullivan (Munster GAA Chairman), Derek McGrath (Waterford Hurling Manager) and Alan Malone (Scholarship Coordinator).



Gold Scholarships are given to those students who are excelling in their sport and competing at the highest level in their sport. These students will generally have previously received a Silver Scholarship.

Students receiving Gold Scholarships will have demonstrated their potential and commitment to their sport and WIT Club and should have the potential to compete at an even higher level. The recipient will receive financial support in addition to all of the support services available within the Programme.



Silver Scholarships These students will generally have received a Bronze Scholarship, but it will also be made available to students who are entering the college and have excelled in their sport.

Students receiving Silver Scholarships will have demonstrated their potential and commitment to their sport and WIT Club and will be competing at a high level. The recipient will receive financial support in addition to all of the support services available within the Scholarship Programme.



Bronze Scholarships are open to all sports and are generally given to prospective and new students on entry to WIT. This Scholarship is also available to students who have completed first year in college and have demonstrated above average potential and commitment to a WIT sports club.

The recipient will receive financial support in addition to the extensive support services in year one. Based on an assessment of their contribution to their sport/club after year one, the recipient will again receive more financial support in year two along with all the support services.

Emerging Talent Scholarships are available to individuals who demonstrate that they have the potential to excel in their chosen discipline but have missed out on the Bronze Award. The recipient will receive the same services that is provided on the Bronze Scholarship but no financial bursary. The recipient will also have the opportunity to be upgraded to a Bronze Scholarship within the same academic year as a result of high excellent performances in their sport and subject to review from the scholarship committee.

Sports Recognition:

Sports Recognition Scholarships were established to recognise outstanding WIT student athletes who have shown huge commitment to sport in WIT and who have also played a leading part in the development of Clubs and Societies life here in the college. This award would like to highlight their extraordinary commitment to both their own sporting progress but also to the overall development of sport within WIT. 

Support Services and benefits

Waterford Institute of Technology aims to provide our scholarship athletes with the highest standards of supports and services which is there to help develop them as athletes while achieving a prestigious academic qualification, including:

  • Financial Support in the form of a Bursary
  • Academic Mentoring and Support
  • Strength and Conditioning with Fitness Analysis and also access to college gym
  • Access to Sport Science Support such as Nutrition and Sport Psychology
  • Technical Support in form of Coaching
  • Access to Sport and Training Facilities
  • Access to free Medical and Physiotherapy Support


Gold Scholar Denise Gaule (Kilkenny Camogie POY)

The Institute Scholarship Coordinator will meet all scholarship students on an individual basis at least once a month in relation to their academic studies and their general scholarship duties. Based on the outcome of these meetings, intervention strategies such as academic supports will be put in place if the student is struggling academically.

Strength and Conditioning with Fitness Analysis:

All students on the Scholarship scheme will have free access to the WIT Fitness Suite and the Crystal Leisure & Sports Centre (Gym, Pool, Steam and Sauna areas). With the assistance of the Institute Department of Health, Sport and Exercise Science, all scholarship athletes are given the opportunity to avail of an extensive fitness analysis which is provided through lab testing (i.e. DEXA Scan) and fitness assessment (i.e. Functional Movement Screening). 

Access to Sport Science Support:

All Scholarship recipients can avail of nutritional advice from our nutritionist and can also access our sports psychologist who will discuss issues such as time management, goal setting, lifestyle advice etc.

Technical Support in form of Coaching:

The Scholarship Coordinator will ensure that all of our Scholarship Recipients benefit from a level of coaching specific to their needs. Ideally this will come through the club coaching structure within the Institute, however, in sports where this is not possible the Scholarship package will provide some specialist individual coaching.

Access to free Medical and Physiotherapy Support:

All Scholarship Recipients will have free access to the Institute Medical Centre which is based on campus. The Medical Centre provides both medical and nursing care with specialist service provided in the area of sports injury. In addition to this our qualified physiotherapist is available to all Scholarship students if they become injured throughout the year. 



In order to apply for a WIT Sport Scholarship, Student Athletes must fulfil the eligibility outlined below:

Sport Scholarship applications will be considered from students currently studying in WIT and from potential students. Prospective sport Scholarship students must meet WIT admission requirements through the CAO system and must enrol on a programme of academic study within WIT. Students applying for a WIT Sport Scholarship who currently are enrolled in WIT must display academic progression and maintain a satisfactory academic record throughout their time studying in WIT.

Athletes participating in sports recognised by the Irish Sports Council shall be considered for WIT sport scholarships. For further information, please contact the Irish sports council on Website: or Tel: 01-8608800.

Prospective Sport Scholarship students must compete at an International, National, Inter-provincial, Inter-County and/or Senior Club level within their respective sports.

Meeting the above criteria does not mean automatic acceptance to the WIT Sport Scholarship Programme. The Scholarship Committee will consider the applicants current level of performance, potential in their sport and feasible contribution to sport within WIT.



Renewal of the Scholarships is dependent on the maintenance of a satisfactory academic and athletic standard throughout the duration of each academic year (this is reviewed on a continuous basis through each semester). 

Sport Scholarship athletes must sustain a suitable level of commitment to their particular sporting club and strive to be the sporting leaders within the Institute. Scholarship recipients must make themselves available for selection/representation for the Institutes unless the Scholarship Committee has approved any exceptions.

Sport Scholarship students must also contribute appropriately to the administration, coaching, promotion and development of their respective sporting club and the Scholarship Programme.

Sports Scholarship athletes are required to be role models within the Institute in all aspects of their college life. They will be required to maintain a satisfactory academic standard and attendance, be leaders in their sporting discipline and conduct themselves at all times in an appropriate and sportsmanship manner.

NB: Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis and may be renewed for subsequent years.