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The environment of WIT strives to provide our students with an opportunity to develop all of their talents in an effort to produce well-rounded graduates that can succeed in all walks of life. Through sport they can view the college life from a different angle by getting involved with the numerous clubs within the college. With a selection of clubs catering for outdoor field sports, indoor, watersports and martial arts, there will be something to interest everyone and at every level. 

Since its official opening to the public on 25th February 2011, the WIT Sports Campus has contributed massively to the devlopment of all our Sports Clubs in the Institute. Our stunning sporting facility based just outside Waterford City in the South East of Ireland allows students, coaches and the public alike to train and compete in an enviroment that can only enhance your sporting prowess.

Our Goal is simple: To provide you and your team with an exceptional customer experience to compliment the world class facilities that will be made available to you.

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