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Support Services

  • Financial Support

Financial supports are made available to WIT Viking Sport Scholarship students. The level of Sport Scholarship Award you receive, will determine the value of the bursary made available. This can be used against fees, living expenses, accommodation or how the student sees fit.


  • Academic Support & Mentoring

We offer grinds support for students in a wide range of subjects and modules. We also offer classes in academic writing, referencing and also career guidance workshops. We understand the challenges of the student athlete and aim to offer help in any way we can, especially approaching exam times.

  •    Strength and Conditioning

We are lucky here in WIT Sport to have top facilities available to us in the form of our Sports Campus in Carriganore, The WIT Arena. Students on the program will be given free gym membership in the Arena while also being given access to the High Performance gym. The Arena has experienced and knowledgeable strength and conditioning coaches who meet our scholarship students 1 to 1 to tailor training programs to their needs.




  • Sport Science Support

WIT has the largest Sports Department in the country and they are on hand to provide support for our Sport Scholarship students in the areas of:

-Sport Psychology – Dr. Ciara Losty and the MSc in Applied Sports & Exercise Psychology.

-Sports Nutrition – Dr. Lorna Doyle and the Nutrition & Exercise Science

 -Personal Development workshops – UPMC Concussion testing etc.

We also offer physiological testing for scholarship students from basic FMS and movement testing to lactate threshold and Vo2 Max testing in the High Performance laboratory in the WIT Arena.


  • Sports Gear

Students on the program will receive WIT Viking Sport Scholarship Gear each year.




Students will have free access to Doctors in the Waterford Medical Centre and also will have free access to Chartered Physiotherapist Conor McCarthy based in Tramore.