How to book a room in Campus Accommodation?

Student-AccommodationHow to book a room in Campus Accommodation?

How to book a room in Campus Accommodation?

WIT Campus Accommodation - How to apply?

To do so, please click one of the following links to book on line :

Click here for Manor Village Application Form

Click here for College Fields Application Form

Click here for Roncalli Application Form

Accommodation Services is located in the WIT Card Office, and provides a comprehensive lodging service as well as information and advice. An office is also located at Manor Village. 

During registration, an accommodation information point will be set up to assist you with any queries you may have.
Students must complete an online application form.

Prices for the 2017/2018 Academic Year 

The following are the accommodation options and prices for the academic year 2017/18.  All prices are based on a 38-week academic year:

Location Room Type Annual Cost Sept. Insallment Jan. Installment
Manor Village Single Ensuite €3,699 p.a €2,044 €1,655
Manor Village Single Room €3,572 p.a €1,974 €1,598
Manor Village Twin Room €3,104 p.a €1,715 €1,389
Manor Village Special* €3,616 p.a €1,998 €1,618
College Fields Single Ensuite €3,699 p.a €2,044 €1,655
College Fields Special* €3,616 p.a €1,998 €1,618
Roncalli Single Ensuite €3,083 p.a €1,704 €1,379
Roncalli Single Room €2,877 p.a €1,590 €1,287

*Special rate only applies to applications made and deposit paid before the 1st June 2017.

Additional Costs:

Deposit -€300   
Utilities - €380 This payment is for the year and must be paid on arrival in September. The breakdown is as follows:  
€220 - Electricity. Every two months, a bill is issued based on consumption which is deducted from the utility payment. If the final amount incurred is greater that this amount, the student is liable for the difference.
€160 - Refuse and Wi-Fi.
Car Park (Optional) - €200 This payment is for the year. Payment can be made in full or installments. However full payment must be received by the first week of March.
Water Charges- TBA May Apply

Full Payment Incentive Discount:

If any tenant pays for the full academic year on or before the Semester 1 in September 2017 (01/09/2017), they will receive an incentive discount, which are as follows.

Room Type Refund Available
Single Ensuite  €97
Single Room  €94
Twin Room  €82

*To note this incentive discount does not apply with the Special Offer.   


Payment is accepted by cheque, postal order, credit card or laser card only, no cash is accepted.

All cheques, bank drafts and postal orders to be made payable to WITDCS Accommondation.

Instalments fall due on the first day of September term and the first day of the January term.

Payment Calendar:

01/06/2017 €300 Deposit must be paid to avail of Special Price
01/07/2017 Current tenants must pay deposit balance or cancel booking fully
01/09/2017 All Semester 1 installments due & Full year due
01/01/2018 All Semester 2 installments due

2016/17 Tenants:

Current tenants who wish to remain in WIT Accommodation must apply on line at and inform Campus Services Accommodation Staff of their intentions on or before 01/06/2017.  €100 will be deducted from their deposit return from the 2016/17 academic year and the €200 balance must be paid on or before 01/07/2017.  Failure to pay the deposit balance will cause the tenant to forfeit their automatic place in 2017/18 and they will not be able to avail of Special Offer above.