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Residential Services

Checking In to Campus Accommodation - what you need to know?

We look forward to welcoming you to your new WIT home away from home!  Not only do we offer you a high quality housing package, but also a warm and friendly environment to live in whilst studying. However, this year due to Covid-19 protocol we will be asking you to book in your arrival time through your Residential Portal and also to bring only one family member to assist you with check-in. Payments must also be made prior to arrival.

During the month prior to your arrival we will be sending you further information on what you will need prior to your arrival, however we would like to take this initial opportunity to detail a few key steps you will need to follow before arrival so please read the information carefully.

Please be advised that the official method of communication that WIT Campus Accommodation contacts students through is your application email. Therefore please ensure to check this account for important correspondence from us. Your accommodation will be available for you to check in from the date your licence to reside commences or alternatively you can check in on the day you register in WIT.

Pre Arrival

In order to speed up the process when checking in you need to complete a number of tasks including:

Documentation – Please make sure to have your Contract, Terms & Conditions & Guarantor forms signed. This will be sent to you the week prior to you checking in.   

Full Payment in advance

Discount of €50 applies to all accounts paid in full on or before the first day of licence period (Discount does not apply to Single Semester students)

Payments in Instalments

33% on or before the first day of the licence agreement

33% on or before Monday, 21st December 2020

33% on or before Monday, 15th March 2021

Semester Payments

Students have the option to stay for Semester 1 only or to stay for semester 2 only. There is a limited number of spaces available for students to stay for either semester 1 only or to stay for semester 2 only. Students requesting this must e-mail [email protected] before submitting an online application. Payments for each semester much be received in full

Cheques, Postal Orders and Bank Drafts must be made payable to WITDCS Accommodation.

For security reasons please note cash will not be accepted.

Inventory Check List

Once you have checked in you will be asked to review and submit an Inventory Check List to confirm the content and the condition of the inventory provided in your apartment. This will be done online this year. We ask you to do this as there will be deductions taken from your security deposit if there are items missing or damaged once you leave. If you do not submit the check list the inventory record will be as per our record. 

Checking Out of Campus Accommodation - what you need to know?

At the end of the licence period residents must check out of their room by 12 noon on the last day of their licence. City Campus is open 24/7 for checkouts. 

When you are departing we would ask that you let us know in advance when you will be leaving by emailing your name, student number, the date and time of your departure, and your residence address to [email protected].

Residents need to ensure the following items are completed before departing:

  • Your bedroom must be left in a clean condition, please include the floor, desk, mirror, wardrobe, locker and shelving area.
  • Your bathroom sink and shower must be left in a clean and hygienic condition
  • Please ensure your kitchen/living area is clean and tidy and of a respectable standard when departing.  Please ensure all rubbish is removed from each apartment and disposed of in the compactor/bins/recycling area provided.
  • Any personal unwanted items e.g. pillows, bed clothing etc. can also be disposed of in the bins provided
  • Please ensure that you do not leave and unwanted items or rubbish within the communal areas.
  • Failure to leave your apartment in a satisfactory condition will lead to fines being imposed.  Should a fine be incurred this will be immediately deducted from your security deposit.


Please take note that you will be deducted the following from your deposit as outlined in your Terms & Conditions:

  • Electricity bill – Your last electricity bill will not arrive until after you have vacated your apartment. Therefore this will be deducted from your Deposit as you will not be here to pay this bill.
  • All outstanding fines for Damages, Lock Outs and Overnight Guest Stays will be deducted from your security deposit.  
  • Laundry charge – Cost of €8 which covers the washing of curtains, mattress & pillow protectors etc.
  • Cleaning charge – Cost of €50.
  • Deposit return bank details – Can you please ensure that reception has a copy of your details for the return i.e. Name of account, IBAN & BIC. It is your responsibility to make sure these are in order & if they are not found to be there will be a delay in your Deposit return. Your Deposit minus the above deductions will be transferred back into your account the first week of July. 

We have two serviced launderettes at WIT, one located at College Campus and the other at City Campus accommodation.

  • Wash & Dry/Fold Service provided at both
  • Payment is by visa or debit card only
  • Price is determined by weight


Unit Opening Hours Contact
College Campus  

Monday to Thursday 8am – 4pm

Friday 8am - 1.30pm 

051 - 353894
City Campus 

Monday to Thursday 8am to 4pm

Friday 8am to 2pm 
051 - 306100