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New Students Registration FAQs


Please see below responses to a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding both the admissions and registration process, including the acceptance of a CAO Offer.

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Note : Online Registration will open for new entrants on Friday 18th September 2020. You will receive Online Registration instructions by email on 18th September.

For any applicant who is travelling from outside of Ireland to attend the Institute in the 2020/2021 academic year we advise you keep up to date with the most current Covid 19 travel advice available from the Government at the following link. 

Please see below responses to a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding new entrants and acceptance of CAO Offers:

1. How do I accept an offer?

Offers may be viewed and accepted online on the CAO website from 2:00pm on the Thursday after the Leaving Certificate results have issued. You can then specify the course of your choice from a list of courses available to be accepted.

As only one offer may be accepted, care is required to accept one course only. 

2. I’m thinking of deferring for a year, what should I do?

Pre-Registration Deferral

Deferring your place prior to registering as a student for the academic year.

A student may be granted a deferral prior to registering as a student for the academic year due to unforeseen and exceptional medical, financial, or family reasons.

The student may have received an offer of a place or may be a continuing student.

Application to defer should be made by e-mailing [email protected] See tab Pre Reg Deferral for details.

Post Registration Deferral

Deferring your place once you have registered as a student for the academic year

A student may be granted a deferral after registering as a student for the academic year should a student find that they are unable to continue their studies due to unforeseen circumstances.

Application to defer must be made in writing to the Registrar - the student must complete the application form, Form Post Registration Deferral (DA1). See tab Post Reg Deferral for details.

Please read our Deferral of Undergraduate Programmes Offer Policy and Procedure 2019

3. How do I know that my acceptance has been registered?

On completion of the procedure you can print out an acceptance receipt and then check your acceptance online after three working days. 

4. What if I have received more than one offer from the CAO?

On the CAO website click View/Accept Offers then simply enter your 8 digit CAO number and your date of birth. You can then specify one course of your choice from a list of courses available to be accepted.

In making your choice, it's worth noting that while Level 8 courses are well favoured, Level 7/Level 6 courses in the desired subject are excellent qualifications in their own right, with excellent employment prospects and opportunities for further studies with a well established route from Level 6 to Level 7 to Level 8. Remember also that accepting or rejecting an offer from either list at this stage will not exclude you from being offered a higher preference from either or both lists in later rounds, assuming there are vacancies available and points fall sufficiently.

5. What if I have been offered a course from the Level 7/Level 6 List, but nothing from the Level 8 List?

This would suggest that you don’t have enough points or meet the minimum entry requirements for your Level 8 choices.  You can accept your Level 7/Level 6 offer now and could receive an offer of a Level 8 course in later rounds should the points fall sufficiently and you meet the minimum entry requirements.

6. What if I get my first preference but I don’t want it?

If you’re offered your first preference in either the Level 8 or Level 7/Level 6 list it is assumed that you’ve been offered what you really wanted and no further offers will be made from that list for that Level.  The basic rule is that only higher preference choices can be offered in later rounds.  At this point, you will need to carefully consider all your options, which for some may even include re-applying through the CAO the following year.

7. Can I still change my mind at this stage?

No, there is no facility at this stage to change your course choices or the order of preference.  The closing date for the CAO Change of Mind Option is 1 July.

8. I seem to have enough points but haven’t been offered the course – why?

In addition to points, each higher education institution has its own basic minimum entry requirements and some courses may also require particular subjects/grades regarded as relevant to your course choice.  Just in case, you should re-calculate your points based on your six best subjects of one sitting of the Leaving Certificate, taking into account that institutions differ in the points they award for LCVP results, and check the WIT prospectus for minimum entry and specific course requirements.  If you don’t meet the minimum or specific course requirements, an * will appear immediately to the right of a Course Code on Part A of the Offer Notice, indicating the educational institution in question considers you ineligible for admission to that course.  It is also possible, that if there is an * beside the points required for the course on the CAO points table printed in national newspapers, that random selection applies in your case.  This means that not everyone with that number of points was offered a place.  You will have to wait for the second round to see if any vacancies arise.

9. I have enough points for the course I applied for but I failed maths which is a course requirement, is there any chance that I will be offered a place on the course?

No, there is no chance of being offered a place on a course when you fail to meet the course requirements.  Points are the final selection procedure and only come into play when an applicant has satisfied all other requirements for the course. However, please refer to the Maths Initiatives section of the Institute’s website for details on the Maths Entry Exam process.

10. The CAO has confirmed that I don’t have a first round offer.

You could still receive an offer in later rounds should the points fall sufficiently and you meet the minimum entry requirements.  In the meantime, you should consider some of the many alternatives such as PLC courses or courses in independent third level colleges.  There is also the possibility of applying to view marked scripts for specific subjects prior to making an appeal, or repeating the Leaving Certificate and/or re-applying through the CAO next year.

11. What are my chances of getting a subsequent round offer?

There are no guarantees if you are hoping to secure a higher preference offer in later rounds as the CAO will try to fill as many vacancies as possible in the first round.  Any remaining vacancies will be offered in subsequent rounds usually with slightly lower points requirements.

12. If I accept or reject an offer, could I still receive a further offer in subsequent rounds?

Accepting or rejecting an offer from either list at this stage will not exclude you from being offered a higher preference from either or both lists in later rounds, assuming points fall sufficiently and you meet the minimum entry requirements.

13. I want to cancel my round one acceptance?

Please click here for detailed instructions.

14. What about 'available places'?

Should any places remain unfilled in a particular course after all offers have been made and the waiting lists of applicants meeting minimum entry requirements have been exhausted, such available places may be advertised and listed on the CAO website.  If you have not applied to the CAO previously, you may make an available place application to the CAO online. If you have already applied to the CAO you may add an available place course to your list if preferences.

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact.

Tel: 051 845555

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Please see below responses to a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding CAO, Direct Entry and External Advanced Entry New Entrants Registration:

1. When I accept my offer with the CAO, when will WIT contact me?

From Friday, 18th September 2020, all applicants who have accepted a place from Round A, Round Zero or Round 1 will receive by Email StartWIT information   which includes your online registration instructions.  If you do not receive your StartWIT details by Monday 21 September, please contact 051 845555. Information will be issued to the email address you entered when you applied to the CAO.

2. External Advanced Entry - When will WIT contact me?

Should you be offered and accept your External Advanced Entry offer, you will be issued  StartWIT instructions from Monday 21st September 2020.

3. When will StartWIT  Online Registration and Orientation take place?

You must register online as per the instructions in your StartWIT email prior to commencing your StartWIT Orientation. Details regarding StartWIT Orientation will be published  here once finalised. StartWIT Orientation takes place from Monday 21st of September to Friday 25th of September, you will participate for one day during that week.

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact.

Tel: 051 845555

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Online Registration

Please see below responses to a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Institutes New Entrant Online Registration Facility for CAO, Direct Entry and External Advanced Entry:

A Useful guide will be available here from 17thSeptember 2020.

1. What is my WIT student number?

For new entrants, your WIT student number is given to you in your StartWIT email. Your username is your student [email protected]

2. Where do I get my online student services password?

For new entrants, your password was given to you in your StartWIT email.

3. I cannot access the Registration page – why?

Firstly, in order to access the WIT Online Registration Page, you must have accepted your offer of a place at Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) by the deadline provided.  Secondly, you must have login details (Username and Password) which would have been issued to you in your StartWIT Details by the Institute’s Admissions Office.  If you continue to experience difficulties accessing the Registration Page, please send an email to [email protected] giving your Username/Student Number and screen dump showing details of the exact error message displayed on your computer screen. 

4. Who do I contact if I have a Fees or Grants query?

Please call  051-302088/302867/302048/84569 or email [email protected] / [email protected]. Further information is available in the Fees section.

 5. Who can I contact if my question is still not answered?

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact.


Tel: 051 845555

Email: [email protected]

Please see below responses to a list of general questions:

1. What is Start WIT?

This is the Institute’s programme to introduce students to the Institute and their programme of study so that they can get used to their new learning environment and meet fellow students.  Incoming students are informed of the various services available to them during their time at the Institute. It also provides an opportunity for students to hear from academic staff and discuss various academic issues where this is relevant. Students will be sent their Student ID card (WITCard) following StartWIT Orientation. 

2. When will the Academic Year commence?

Orientation tkes place during the week of September 21st. The 2020/2021 Academic Year will commence on the 28th September 2020.

3. When will I get my timetable?

Timetables will be distributed during your StartWIT.  They will also be available on the Academic Timetables section

4. When will I get my Academic Calendar?

The Academic Calandar will give you the commencement dates for each semester, study periods, holiday details and examination sessions. You can view the Academic Calendar on the website.

5. How do I get a student ID card (WITCard)?

To facilitate the issue of your Student ID Card (WITCard), please have a digital photo of passport quality (e.g head and shoulders, front view, sharp and clear and against a plain background) ready for upload during the Online Registration process. Please check your email to ensure your photo has been accepted. The WITCard is the official identification card for students.  It is used for numerous services on campus including accessing the library, identification, and access control. Note that your WITCard photograph will be used for identification purposes and for academic and administration activities of the Institute. Students will be sent their WITCard upon completion of Registration and StartWIT Orientation. 

6. What do I do if I cannot engage with StartWIT Orientation?

We strongly encourage that students engage with their scheduled Orientation activity. During this session students meet their class groups and lecturers, receive critical course information, their course timetable and their WIT student card. For students who cannot engage, unfortunately there will not be staff assigned to make up for missing this information at  Orientation. Students will have to access their own timetable online, please see link below, navigate their way around their timetable. The WIT Bubble will send out their Student ID Card (WITCard).

Please ensure that you complete your on-line registration as outlined in their StartWIT e-mail before attending WIT. 

7. What do I do if I lose my student ID card (WITCard)?

If your WITCard is lost or stolen, this fact should be reported immediately to the WIT Bubble Office (051-302732 or [email protected]). A fee will apply when attaining a replacement.

8. How do I find somewhere to live?

There is a variety of accommodation options available including: on-campus, digs and house share.  For information on accommodation, visit  You can also contact the WIT Main Accommodation Office on 051 302615. 

9. Is there a crèche on campus?

No, however, please refer to for information on all matters relating to childcare in the Waterford area.

10. How do I find out about bus and rail services to and from WIT?

Check out for all transport and travel information. 

11. Can I buy textbooks on campus?

Yes, there is a book shop located in the Centra Supermarket on the Cork Road Campus.  Books can be purchased and ordered here.

12. Where can I get a letter to say that I am a registered student of WIT or forms stamped by WIT?

Please email: [email protected] or call to our Admissions, Registration and Examinations Helpdesk at:

1. The Admissions, Registration and Examinations Helpdesk in the Walton Building on Main Campus, Cork Road

2. College Street Campus

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact.

Tel: 051 845555

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]