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Appeals Procedure

Examination results may be appealed on the basis of perceived substantive irregularity or inequity in the examination process or in the delivery of the prescribed curriculum in accordance with criteria approved and ratified by the Academic Council or other Validating Authority.

A student who wishes to appeal an examination result must do so online setting out the grounds for the appeal in full to the Registrar.  Closing date for  appeals is Friday, 25 September 2020 at 1 p.m. There shall be a fee of €60 for each appeal. This fee will only be reimbursed should the appeal be upheld. Forms can be submitted online.

Requests received after this deadline will only be considered following the next examination session (i.e. the following Summer or Autumn as appropriate). Upon receipt of a written appeal, the Registrar shall refer the matter to the Examinations Appeal Board, and shall inform the relevant Head(s) of Department and School that an appeal has been lodged.

Pending the outcome of an appeal, students should be advised as follows:

  1. An appeal may not necessarily be successful.

  2. Candidates should avail themselves of any opportunity to repeat the examination, on the understanding that to repeat an examination would not prejudice their appeal in any way.

  3. The conferring of an academic award, where relevant, may be deferred, pending the final outcome of the appeal.

Examinations Appeal Board

  • The Board shall normally consist of ten members, including the Registrar or nominee who shall chair the board.

  • Four of the remaining members shall be members of the Academic Council, appointed by the Academic Council and four shall be Heads of School.

  • The tenth member to be appointed when necessary shall be a suitably qualified and experienced person from outside the Institute.

  • The Examinations Appeal Board shall consider the appeal on the grounds on which it is presented, and shall, as appropriate, consult with the Course Board, with individual Internal  Examiners and with External Examiner(s).

  • The Examinations Appeal Board shall determine the appeal by giving a decision. The Registrar shall inform the appellant, the Head of Department and the Course Board of the outcome of the appeal.

The major difference between these and earlier arrangements is that anything known to the student which may affect examination performance must be made known to the examination board. Only matters arising subsequently, or matters that natural justice would preclude the examination board from hearing, should be the basis of a formal appeal.