Defer, Deregister or Transfer

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Defer, Deregister or Transfer

NOTE:A student has not withdrawn or deferred their place on a programme in WIT until all related processes as outlined below have been completed. It is important to note that discussion with an academic is not sufficient.

There are many reasons why students may need or wish to take time away from the Institute. There may be personal or medical issues interfering with their studies; opportunities for professional experience; family commitments; or the desire to just take a break.

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The Retention and Student Engagement team are available to talk with you about your situation, and to guide you through the process of taking time away/deferring your place, and returning. Before leaving the Institute, you should have a clear understanding of what is required before returning and of the financial implications there may be from deferring your place.

For more details on deferring an undergraduate course, please see our
Undergraduate Deferrals section

For more details on deferring a postgraduate course, please see our
Postgraduate Deferrals section

For a number of different reasons, a student may find themselves in a position where they no longer wish to or are in a position to continue on their programme. In this case a student would de-register from the Institute.

Deregistering means that a student officially notifies the Institute that they are leaving their programme. Students remain liable for fees up to the date they officially withdraw from the Institute.

For more details on deregistering please see our Deregistration Section

  • Students can deregister through their Registration Portal

  • Once logged into your student registration information you can select to submit a De-registration Request

  • In the case of International students who are in WIT on a study visa, via the International Office, if a student has deregistered from their programme, the student must satisfy the requirements of the Immigration Authorities in Ireland as outlined by the Waterford Immigration Office.

NOTE:A student has not withdrawn their place on a programme in WIT until the above process has been completed, discussion with an academic is not sufficient.


For fee purposes the date of receipt by the Office of the Registrar of the de-regsitration request will be taken as the date of withdrawal.

Students who officially de-register between the beginning of Semester 1 and October 31st are entitled to a full refund of the total Student Contribution paid. 

Pease contact the Fees Office in relation to refunds thereafter, [email protected]

Repeat Learner students are not ordinarily entitled to a refund.

It is not uncommon to doubt whether you picked the right course on the CAO, especially given the wealth of choices out there. Many students have a pretty good idea of what they would like to work at and pick a course that points them in that general direction.

The doubts often occur in 1st year when certain subjects get to be more difficult than imagined. People think that maybe they made the wrong choice because they aren't loving every minute of it. Every course has hard subjects. Every student finds it challenging.

In line with broader first year entry and the national transitions developments, the Institute allows flexibility to transfer between first year programmes in certain cases and subject to certain rules and criteria. The Institute advises students to contact the Retention and Student Engagement Team, in the first instance if they have queries about this process, e-mail [email protected]

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Please see the Transferring Programme section in Student Life and Learning for more information.