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examsExaminations office contacts:

Liz White:  051-302043

Avril Kelly:  051-302883

Ruth Hennebry:  051-302882

Or e-mail:  [email protected]

If you have questions please check our frequently asked questions section here.

Exam Results Queries

If you have any queries on your exam results please contact your relevant school:

School of Business:
Tel: 051-302036
Email: [email protected]

School of Life Long learning:
Tel: 051-302040
Email: [email protected]

School of Engineering:
Tel: 051-306160
Email: [email protected]

School of Health Sciences:
Tel: 051- 051-302774
Email: [email protected]
School of Humanities:
Tel:  051-302251
Email: [email protected]
School of Science & Computing:
Tel: 051-302482
Email: [email protected]

Repeat Learner registration

The closing date for registration of Repeat Learner modules is the 11th October, 2019. 

We recommend a discussion with your course leader particularly if your repeat module is for example: a laboratory module where attendance is mandatory, a dissertation or project where supervision is required or a continuous assessment module.

Please note: Ordinarily Repeat students are not entitled to a refund of fees paid unless there are compelling and compassionate circumstances arising. 

Contact  Repeat Learner

Email [email protected]

For more information see the Repeat learners FAQ

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The appeals procedure has been modified so that matters which are more properly the concern of the examination boards are processed by them, and only substantive irregularity in the process is formally appealed. The basis of this system is that any mitigating factors of which the student is aware prior to the examination must be processed through the examination board.

For the appeals' procedure, fees, deadline and the application form, please click here.

Please note that the following statements do not qualify as the appeal grounds:

‘I thought I should have done better’
‘I put a lot of effort into this subject’
‘Everybody in class has failed this exam’
‘I feel I deserve to pass’
‘My other marks are much higher’
‘The exam was harder than I expected’
‘My lecturer did not like me’
‘I want someone else to check my paper’
‘I wasn’t well for this exam’
‘The lecturer didn’t prepare me sufficiently’

In some of these cases, before results are discussed at the Examination Board, Mitigating Circumstances procedure may apply. In other cases listed above, students should seek feedback on their performance from the relevant lecturer, or seek clarification on matters of concern from a Course Leader, Head of Department or Head of School.

Comments of a personal nature or complaints against an individual should not form part of the appeal. Where a candidate wants to make a complaint against another individual, they should in a first instance discuss it with the relevant Head of Department. In this regard attention is drawn to the Institute’s Respect and Dignity Policy.



A recheck can only be requested once the student has completed the Viewing of Scripts procedure. To recheck the examination materials shall mean to verify that all sections of the examination materials (including continuous assessment) have been marked and that these marks have been entered and combined accurately in the results sheets used in arriving at the final examination result.

Important Note : A recheck does not involve an academic re-examination or re-evaluation of the material presented by the student. It is simply a re-verification that all materials submitted were indeed marked and that the total of marks were correctly calculated and notified.

Recheck proceedures, information on fees, dealine and the application form are availble here.

Waterford Institute of Technology will make arrangements to facilitate students wishing to view their corrected examination scripts.

The viewing of exam scripts is a free/no cost opportunity for you to view your exam scripts from the exam session you have just sat. During this allocated time you have one hour to check for mis-calculations in the addition of your marks and also to ensure all questions were marked.

You can view your scripts for free to check over them by filling out the online application form on the Viewing of Scripts webpage. You don’t need to wait for your results to come out in order to apply; you can do so as soon as your exams have started.

For any enquires:

Academic Affairs Office

051 302042

[email protected]

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