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Examinations office contacts:

Liz White:  051-302043

Avril Kelly:  051-302883

Nan O'Brien 051-302882

Or e-mail:  [email protected]

If you have questions please check our frequently asked questions section here.

Exam Results Queries

If you have any queries on your exam results please contact your relevant school:

School of Business:
Tel: 051-302036
Email: [email protected]

School of Life Long learning:
Tel: 051-302040
Email: [email protected]

School of Engineering:
Tel: 051-306160
Email: [email protected]

School of Health Sciences:
Tel: 051- 051-302774
Email: [email protected]
School of Humanities:
Tel:  051-302251
Email: [email protected]
School of Science & Computing:
Tel: 051-302482
Email: [email protected]

Repeat Learner registration

The closing date for registration of Repeat Learner modules was 14th October 2016. You may still register online for semester two modules only, however, depending on the module assessment type module you must first meet and discuss with the Course Leader to ensure that you can be accommodated.

This discussion with your course leader is particularly important if your repeat module is for example: a laboratory module where attendance is mandatory, a dissertation or project where supervision is required or a continuous assessment module.

Please note: Ordinarily Repeat students are not entitled to a refund of fees paid unless there are compelling and compassionate circumstances arising. Registration for the August 2017 exam sitting will open in June 2017.

Contact  Síle Curtin

Email [email protected]

For more information see the Repeat learners FAQ


The appeals procedure has been modified so that matters which are more properly the concern of the examination boards are processed by them, and only substantive irregularity in the process is formally appealed. The basis of this system is that any mitigating factors of which the student is aware prior to the examination must be processed through the examination board.


Examination results may be appealed on the basis of perceived substantive irregularity or inequity in the examination process or in the delivery of the prescribed curriculum in accordance with criteria approved and ratified by the Academic Council or other Validating Authority.

A student who wishes to appeal an examination result must do so in writing, on the appropriate form (below) setting out the grounds for the appeal in full to the Registrar . Closing date for  appeals is Wednesday, 8th February at 4pm. There shall be a fee of €60 for each appeal. This fee will be reimbursed should the appeal be upheld. Forms and fees will be accepted at the Main Reception Desk.

Requests received after this deadline will only be considered following the next examination session (i.e. the following Summer or Autumn as appropriate). Upon receipt of a written appeal, the Registrar shall refer the matter to the Examinations Appeal Board, and shall inform the relevant Head(s) of Department and School that an appeal has been lodged.

Pending the outcome of an appeal, students should be advised as follows:

  1. An appeal may not necessarily be successful.

  2. Candidates should avail themselves of any opportunity to repeat the examination, on the understanding that to repeat an examination would not prejudice their appeal in any way.

  3. The conferring of an academic award, where relevant, may be deferred, pending the final outcome of the appeal.

Examinations Appeal Board

  • The Board shall normally consist of ten members, including the Registrar or nominee who shall chair the board.

  • Four of the remaining members shall be members of the Academic Council, appointed by the Academic Council and 4 shall be Heads of School.

  • The tenth member to be appointed when necessary shall be a suitably qualified and experienced person from outside the Institute.

  • The Examinations Appeal Board shall consider the appeal on the grounds on which it is presented, and shall, as appropriate, consult with the Course Board, with individual Internal  Examiners and with External Examiner(s).

  • The Examinations Appeal Board shall determine the appeal by giving a decision. The Registrar shall inform the appellant, the Head of Department and the Course Board of the outcome of the appeal.

The major difference between these and earlier arrangements is that anything known to the student which may affect examination performance must be made known to the examination board. Only matters arising subsequently, or matters that natural justice would preclude the examination board from hearing, should be the basis of a formal appeal.

Appeal Application Form


A recheck can only be requested once the student has completed the Viewing of Scripts procedure. To recheck the examination materials shall mean to verify that all sections of the examination materials (including continuous assessment) have been marked and that these marks have been entered and combined accurately in the results sheets used in arriving at the final examination result.

Important Note : A recheck does not involve an academic re-examination or re-evaluation of the material presented by the student. It is simply a re-verification that all materials submitted were indeed marked and that the total of marks were correctly calculated and notified.

The following procedure for mark rechecking applies:

  • Students may request a recheck of their examination results only if they have viewed their exam script(s) through the official Viewing of Scripts process. Recheck request must be submitted on a REC1a Form (available from the Office of the Registrar or online).

  • The result will be checked as soon as practicable through the appropriate Head of Department.

  • The recheck shall ensure that all elements of the examination materials have been marked and that all resulting marks have been recorded, collated and set down accurately in the process of arriving at a final result.

  • The Head of Department shall advise the Registrar in writing of the outcome of the recheck and the Registrar shall ensure that any necessary amendments be made to the broadsheet of results. The outcome of the recheck shall be communicated to the Programme Board and the student as soon as practicable.

  • A fee of €30 per subject shall be payable for the recheck of examination results. This fee shall be reimbursed should any change to the results be necessary as a consequence of the recheck.

The deadline for Recheck of Examination Results is Wednesday, 8th February at 4pm. Forms and fees will be accepted at the Main Reception Desk.

Enquiries should be directed to:

Academic Affairs

Tel: 051-302042

email: [email protected]

 Recheck of Examination Result REC1a Form

Waterford Institute of Technology will make arrangements to facilitate students wishing to view their corrected examination scripts.

The Regulations attaching to the viewing process are as follows:

  • Students can only view scripts from the most recent examination session of the Institute.

  • Students wishing to view their scripts must make online application here. Closing date for Semester 1 applications is Thursday 26th January 2017 .

  • Deferred subjects cannot be viewed.

  • Students will be allowed view their final examination scripts only

  • Continuous Assessments, including 100% CAs, can no longer be viewed through this process. To view a CA or a project, please contact the relevant lecturer. 

  • Students attending the viewing will be required to produce their Student ID to the officer in charge.

  • A Clean Desk Policy is in operation in the viewing room, mobile phones are not permitted.

  • Students will not be allowed to remove scripts from the room or take copies.

  • No person other than the registered student will be allowed to view scripts even with the student's permission. You may wish to take particular notice of this provision when  making holiday arrangements

Upon viewing of scripts, if an error is found in the calculation of marks the student can complete a Recheck of Examination Results form available from the Office of the Registrar or online.

A fee per subject shall be payable for the recheck of examination results.

Enquiries should be directed to:

Academic Affairs
Tel.: 051-302042
Email:  [email protected]

Viewing session will take place on - Friday 3rd February 2017

School Viewing Time

Venue (Main Campus)

School of Health Sciences

10am - 11am


School of Engineering

11am - 12noon


School of Science

School of Education

12noon - 1pm

Lunch Lunch


School of Business

2pm - 3pm


School of Humanities

3pm - 4pm


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