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Failte Ireland Fees


Fáilte Ireland will pay the Student Contribution Fees for students who are registered on the following courses:

  • Higher Certificate in Culinary Arts - Year 1 and 2

  • Higher Certificate in Tourism Hospitality Studies - Year 1 and 2

  • Traineeship in Professional Cookery Part Time - Year 1 and 2

  • Restaurant Operation Management - Year 1

  • Total Immersion Programme in Professional Cookery - 9mth programme

Class Materials Fees are NOT covered by Fáilte Ireland, and students will be expected to pay the required amount during the first week of attendance. All equipment, uniforms, etc., paid for by the student remains the property of the student.

Fáilte Ireland DO NOT pay fees for students who are registered on the Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts (Level 7) programme.

** Student Contribution fees are based on previous years, but should the basis change, e.g., as dictated by the Department, then these fees may have to be amended accordingly, in line with Fáilte Ireland policy and resources.

Funding for students on work based learning programmes (Traineeship in Professional Cookery & Total Immersion programme) applies only where students are working in tourism based hospitality establishments.

Students eligible for funding include both national and non EU nationals (holding a valid STAMP 4 status).

Further enquiries can be made direct to Fáilte Ireland on 01 8847820


Administration, Humanities Dept., WIT – 051 306154

Change to Fáilte Ireland Funding model for Culinary/Hospitality programmes 2018/2019

Fáilte Ireland has recently decided to cease the funding on the level 6 HC in Hospitality Studies and HC in Culinary Arts for all incoming students from September 2018, with the phasing out of all funding at the end of the following year for existing students on Fáilte Ireland funded programmes.

Students on the 2 year programmes, joining in September will be covered for the two years only. Students joining our one year programmes in September 2017 will be funded for that year only.

  • HC Hospitality Studies (2 years)

  • HC Culinary Arts (2 years)

  • BA Culinary Arts (Part Time) 2 Years

  • Higher Diploma Restaurant Management (Part Time) 1 year

  • Traineeship in Culinary Arts (Part Time) 2 Years

  • Total Immersion in Culinary Arts (part Time) 1 Year

No Fáilte Ireland funding will be available for any students from 2019 onwards.