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Mitigating Circumstance


The Examination Board may take into account mitigating circumstances brought to its attention by a student only under the procedures specified herewith. Claims for mitigation might include such matters as:

Certified unexpected illness of the candidate
Death or serious illness of a close relative or a close friend
such other matters which may to a significant extent have adversely affected the examination performance.
If the mitigating circumstances are considered to be germane by the examination board, they may be taken into account when determining the candidate’s overall result. Normally the candidate will be given the opportunity to re-sit the examination as if for the first time, at the next relevant session and the result for the session under consideration will be recorded as deferred.  This applies to the deferral of examinations only.    It can postpone the opportunity to sit the exam.    It is not an entitlement to re-attend and avail of tuition free of charge, or avail of the academic resources of the Institute in the following academic year, students must pay appropriate fees.

Documentation must be provided as follows:

a. Appropriate form (below or available from your school office) filled out correctly and

b. In case of certified illness or other events effecting performance in an examination module, certified evidence (e.g.medical cert) must be provided within 5 working days of the relevant exam.


c. In the case of the death or serious illness of a close relative or close friend, appropriate confirmation should be provided.


d. For other circumstances evidence from a reliable and objective and verifiable source.

The documentation must be lodged in the relevant school office within 5 days of the examination in question. A receipt will be given to the student. The documents will be provided by the school office to the relevant course board and the relevant examination board will consider the mitigating circumstances. The circumstances covered by this section ((i) Mitigation) may not form the basis of a formal appeal.

pdf Mitigating Circumstances Form