Quality Assurance for Students

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Quality Assurance for Students

WIT aims to provide the best possible courses, teaching, and support services to ensure students get every opportunity to learn and succeed. All courses go through rigorous quality checks before they are set up, then on an annual basis, and - in the context of a wide-scale review of all activities within a School - every five years.

All WIT courses operate Programme Boards (or Course Boards) which include student representatives. The Boards typically meet twice per year. Class Reps are invited to take part in meetings with School staff on a regular basis. These meetings offer students an opportunity to give feedback on their experience of their courses and to bring forward issues or concerns for discussion and have them addressed. The WIT Academic Council has overall responsibility for ensuring that these systems are operating effectively . The Academic Council includes two student members.

To ensure the quality of courses at the Institute, routine reviews always include representatives from the external community, including internationally-respected academics from other countries. These colleagues assist the Institute in making sure its standards match and exceed standards set by the best institutions internationally. External examiners appointed from other universities and colleges also take part in course monitoring as well as in assisting with the management of assessment.

Quality at WIT operates under a national academic quality framework regulated by Quality & Qualifications Ireland (formerly HETAC). QQI reviews the entire institution at least every seven years. Independent expert colleagues from other institutions take part in these reviews. These panel members usually meet with students in private session to get their feedback on the programmes. The review panel also includes a student, usually a senior officer from the Union of Students of Ireland, who is there to offer the student perspective on the institution.Follow this link to see the most recent QQI/HETAC review of WIT.

Quality Documentation

All of the major WIT quality documents are available at the Quality Assurance Documents page.  

Leaflet versions of the Academic Regulations and further documents of interest to students are available at theDocuments and Policies for Students page .


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