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Admissions, Registration & Examinations Helpdesk

The Admissions, Registration & Examinations Helpdesk is open throughout the academic year and can help with the following queries:-

  • Process forms relating to the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Health Service Executive and USIT etc.
  • Process student letter requests and proof of registration letters  (click here to request a proof of registration letter online)
  • Respond to queries with regard to Admission (CAO, Advanced Entry, Postgraduate),  Registration, Repeat Learner and Examination timetables 
  • Accept documentation in relation to all of the above


NOTE 1: Students can check view/update their contact details, consent or pay fees by clicking here. Please note that should you change your postal address, all postal correspondence from the Institute will then be sent to this new address.

NOTE 2: Students are allocated a unique student email account. Your WIT student email account is your [email protected] (i.e. [email protected]). Formal communications from the Institute Academic and Administration teams will be made via e-mail to the WIT student email account. Visit for more information and to reset your password.

NOTE 3: There are no photocopying facilities at the Helpdesk. Please ensure you have a photocopy of your documentation prior to submission.

NOTE 4: Regarding receipts, a receipt is issued by email on payment of fees on line to the Institute. Should you require a receipt for any reason during the academic year please print the receipt and present at the Main Campus Admissions, Registration & Examinations Helpdesk  or College St. Campus Admissions, Registration & Examinations Helpdesk. The printed receipt will be stamped for you.


IT Walton Building, First Floor, Room IT1.10. 

Opening Hours: 


9am – 12.30pm / 2pm – 4pm


ARE Helpdesk Location

Location:  To the right inside the Main Entrance on the College Street Campus - marked Reception.
Opening Times:  8:45am - 12pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday during Term Time.