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A recheck can only be requested once the student has completed the Viewing of Scripts procedure. To recheck the examination materials shall mean to verify that all sections of the examination materials (including continuous assessment) have been marked and that these marks have been entered and combined accurately in the results sheets used in arriving at the final examination result.

Important Note : A recheck does not involve an academic re-examination or re-evaluation of the material presented by the student. It is simply a re-verification that all materials submitted were indeed marked and that the total of marks were correctly calculated and notified.

The following procedure for mark rechecking applies:

  • Students may request a recheck of their examination results only if they have viewed their exam script(s) through the official Viewing of Scripts process. Recheck request must be submitted online.

  • The result will be checked as soon as practicable through the appropriate Head of Department.

  • The recheck shall ensure that all elements of the examination materials have been marked and that all resulting marks have been recorded, collated and set down accurately in the process of arriving at a final result.

  • The Head of Department shall advise the Registrar in writing of the outcome of the recheck and the Registrar shall ensure that any necessary amendments be made to the broadsheet of results. The outcome of the recheck shall be communicated to the Programme Board and the student as soon as practicable.

  • A fee of €30 per subject shall be payable for the recheck of examination results. This fee shall be reimbursed should any change to the results be necessary as a consequence of the recheck.

The deadline for Recheck of Examination Results is 4.00 pm Wednesday, 12 February 2020.


Enquiries should be directed to:

Academic Affairs
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