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Student Grant Scheme for 2019/20

SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland) is the single national Awarding Authority for all higher and further education grants. Applications for Student Grants are assessed under the criteria set out in the Student Support Act 2011, Student Support Regulations and the Student Grant Scheme. Students can apply for the grant on-line by logging onto the SUSI website.

It is the students responsibility to apply to SUSI directly for a grant.  Early application is recommended due to the large volume of applicants, it is not necessary to have decided upon the exact course you will be attending in order to make an application.

An eligibility reckoner is available on the SUSI website which gives a quick indication as to whether you would qualify for funding. See SUSI's elibility reckoner.

On registration day, please bring proof of your grant application. This can be an email/letter from SUSI confirming they have received the application.  It should state your SUSI ID number which is a 13 digit alpha numeric number.

Once awarded, students do not need to notify WIT of their grant award as SUSI will contact the Grants Department directly.

If students have any queries in relation to their grant award including maintenance payments, please contact SUSI directly.

Further details on the Student Grant Scheme are available on: provides further information to students on funding.
SUSI grant scheme is available on the link_iconFAQ section of the SUSI Website.

WIT Contact Information

Caroline Sheridan
Tel: 051302088
Email: [email protected]