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1916 Bursary

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What is the 1916 Bursary Fund?

The 1916 Bursary Fund was established by the Department of Education and Skills. The purpose of the Fund is to encourage participation and success by students who are most economically disadvantaged and who are from communities significantly underrepresented in higher education. All of the higher education institutions are awarding the Bursaries through regional clusters.

1916 Bursary Fund: South Cluster SOAR Project

The South Cluster is comprised of 5 higher education institutions: Cork Institute of Technology, Institute of Technology Carlow, Institute of Technology Tralee, University College Cork and Waterford Institute of Technology. The bursary fund will be administered through the Cluster South’s SOAR Project. The SOAR Project is an inter-institutional Access initiative funded under the Programme for Access to Higher Education (PATH) Fund. The South Cluster have a total of 35 bursaries available to award to students applying to these higher education institutions. 

What is the value of a 1916 Bursary?

Each student who is awarded the 1916 Bursary will receive a bursary to the amount of €5,000 for each year of their undergraduate programme of study up to a maximum of €20,000 for full-time students and a maximum of €30,000 for part-time students.

Who cannot apply for a 1916 Bursary?

  • Students who are not first time entrants to higher education in the 2019-2020 academic year.
  • Postgraduate students.
  • Students who have already received a qualification at the same level.
  • Students on a full-time or part-time undergraduate course in a publicly funded institution that takes less than two years to complete or on the successful completion of which a student is awarded a major higher education and training award at level 5 or below on the National Framework of Qualifications.

How do I apply?

There is one central online application process for the South Cluster higher education institutions.

There are two stages to making a complete 1916 Bursary Fund: South Cluster SOAR Project Application:

Stage 1) You must complete all sections of the online 1916 Bursary Fund: South Cluster SOAR Project Application (Part I) by 17:00 30 August 2019.

Stage 2) If you are offered and accept a place in one of the South Cluster Higher Education Institutions this year you will receive an email in early September 2019 inviting you to then complete the online Application (Part II). This will involve providing additional information and supporting documentation to complete your application. You can only apply through the online application Part I and Part II. Your application will be assessed on the basis of information provided on the online application and the supporting documentation provided.]

Application Deadline

You must complete all sections of the online Application (Part I) by 17:00 30 August 2019.

You must complete all sections of the online Application (Part II) and upload all required supporting documentation by 17:00 27 September 2019.

Application Form

1916 Bursary Fund South Cluster SOAR Project Application (Part I)

How will applications be prioritised?

As it is expected that the number of applications will exceed the number of bursaries available, the SOAR Project will prioritise those who are socio-economically disadvantaged and can provide evidence of membership of more than one of the target groups; the institutions will give due regard to ensuring that the benefit of the bursaries is maximised. Applicants must clearly demonstrate the significance and impact of the socio-economic disadvantage and barriers experienced.

Only applicants that meet the Eligibility Criteria will be will be considered for the bursary


Please email all queries regarding the 1916 Bursary Fund: South Cluster SOAR Project to [email protected]