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For a number of different reasons, a student may find themselves in a position where they no longer wish to or are in a position to continue on their programme. In this case a student would de-register from the Institute.

Deregistering means that a student officially notifies the Institute that s/he is leaving their programme. Students remain liable for fees up to the date they officially withdraw from the Institute.

In order to de-register, a student must:

  • Students can deregsiter through their Registration Portal
  • Once logged into your student registration information you can select to submit a De-registration Request
  • In the case of International students who are in WIT on a study visa, via the International Office, if a student has deregistered from their programme, the student must satisfy the requirements of the Immigration Authorities in Ireland as outlined by the Waterford Immigration Office.

This process officially notifies the Institute that a student has left their programme. Following on from this a letter is sent to confirm that the de-registration has been processed. Once deregistered you will no longer have access to institute facilities.

NOTE: A student has not withdrawn their place on a programme in WIT until the above process has been completed, discussion with an academic member of staff is not sufficient.

There may be fee implications associated with de-registering.

Refund of fees

Students who officially de-register between the beginning of Semester 1 and October 31st are entitled to a full refund of the total Student Contribution paid. For information in relation to a refund or the fee implications of your decision please see the Fees section of the website here. 

Repeat students are not ordinarily entitled to a refund.

All queries in relation to this should be address to [email protected]

There may be fee implications to returning to a different programme in subsequent years following on from de-registration. For example, students may be liable for:

  • Any outstanding Student Contribution charges they may have if returning to WIT.

  • Tuition for one semester of tuition (the fees which are ordinarily claimed by the Institute from the Department of Education) if a student de-registers by January 31st

  • Tuition fees for the full academic year if a student de-registers after January 31st

* Please note these fees are only a guideline and may be subject to change. For further information please contact [email protected]

A student has not withdrawn or deferred their place on a programme in WIT until all related processes as outlined have been completed. It is important to note that discussion with an academic member of staff is not sufficient.