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International Students

International Students have full access to the range of services and facilities offered by the Careers Centre -

Whatever your ambitions, degree subject or stage of study the Careers Centre exists to help, advise and equip you to make the most of your skills, knowledge and experience and make a successful transition from your chosen programme of study; remember to view our "Publications" section in the Careers Information Library, especially for advice on "Job Search and Career Planning for International Students".

To view our job search and career planning work book for international students Click Here


      The Irish Council for International Students (ICOS) is a very helpful website
      for Internationa students studying in Ireland and has recently published
      "Guidelines for Employers and International Students".  This information
      leaflet will be of interest to non-EEA graduates of Irish Higher Education
      Institutions (HEIs) who may be exploring the possibility of staying on in Ireland
      to work for some time after their studies.


ErasmusStudents with disabilities can find lots of useful information from AHEAD - Association for Higher Education Access & Disability if you are seeking opportunities of living and studying in European countries.   

For more information on international study in WIT see the International section of this website.

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