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Livescribe Pen Training

Echo Livescribe Pen demonstration

Getting started with your Livescribe Pen

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How to take smarter notes with your Livescribe Pen

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Storing your Livescribe Pen

  • Fully charge each smart pen prior to placing them in storage.

  • Store smart pens in a location that is dry and not excessively hot or cold. Excessive heat or cold may adversely affect the battery performance.

  • Keep the accessories with the smart pens so they are not lost.

  • Use your pen at least once a month to ensure it is working

  • Do NOT open your smart pen for any reason.

  • Do NOT drop the smart pen or allow any other kind of strong impact, which can severely damage your smart pen and prevent it from working properly.

  • Keep all liquids away from your smart pen as it is not water-proof.

  • Do not leave the smart pen in damp locations.

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