Peer to Peer Mentoring Programme

Student Life And LearningPeer to Peer Mentoring Programme

Peer to Peer Mentoring Programme

What is WIT's P2P Peer Mentoring Programme? 

Starting college for the first time can be a daunting and overwhelming experience for students. The aim of this programme is to help 1st years make the transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Some of the benefits of the programme for new students are;

  • Broaden their social circle by meeting new people and making friends

  • Learn more about their course and meet the academic staff on their programme

  • Get useful study hints and tips to help with their academic course work

  • Improve communication, listening, teamwork, and problem solving skills.

  • Learn about the variety of student support services available on campus and how to access them

  • Make the transition to college life as seamless and enjoyable as possible

  • Discover opportunities available to students through our clubs and societies

  • Gather information about college life such as exams, grading process and timetabling

Take a look at what our first years think of the programme

P2P is in the development stage and is currently operating in the courses below

In order for P2P to be rolled out in a programme, commitment from the following areas is required:

  • Student Life and Learning: Staff from the Retention & Engagement Team in SLL are involved in coordinating P2P within an academic programme. They are involved in training and supporting peer mentors, coordinating actives as part of the programme and developing the programme further.
  • Academic Support: There needs to be academic commitment within a programme or department for P2P to be established. At least one staff member needs to  be assigned to be the academic link between Student Life and Learning, the student mentors and the academic programme/ department.
  • Student commitment: P2P cannot run without the support of the students who are willing to be trained and carry out the role of peer mentor, which is a significant undertaking.

Activities of a Peer Mentor

Mentors will be expetced to assist with the below: 

Your benefits as a mentor

  • Free training in mentoring with focus on communication and consulting
  • Get a mentoring certificate (training and mentoring)
  • Enhance your soft skills and gain first leadership experience
  • Pass on your experience and take on responsibility
  • Interdisciplinary networking and exchange of experiences


Our Menotrs, their stories

Final year students says work placement and P2P enhanced her experience

"I took part in the peer mentoring programme this year helping new students. I loved it so much I'm planning to do senior mentoring in 3rd year."

"Being a P2P help me boost my confidence which helped to do class presentations, and it was great experience working with other students from different courses"

Take a look at what our mentors think of the programme

You can email [email protected] to get more information on the P2P Programme and how to become a mentor