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Primary School Programmes

What are they?

These programmes are developed and delivered in partnership with our local community partners such as Waterford Schools Completion Programme and local primary schools.

The programme's aim is to address the educational, social, and cultural barriers which impact upon, local primary school pupil's access to, and participation in Further and Higher Education. They are delivered both on-site and off-site so participants get to experience different learning environments.

The key role that parents play in their children's education is acknowledged by integrating them at all stages of the programme development and delivery.

Learning for Life Programme

The Learning for Life Programme works with primary school pupils as they progress through 4th, 5th, and 6th class.  The programme pairs the pupils with WIT students who are trained as student volunteers.  As well as  being helped with their homework, the pupils spend time on campus and participate in a range of activities including; computing and web design, science, sports, arts, and drama - all activities are aimed at building their self-confidence and showing that education can be a fun experience.

Pupils are given the experience of graduating in WIT by receiving an attendance certificate for their participation in the Learning for Life Programme. 

Contact: Colm Bonnar, Access/Retention Project Officer  Email [email protected]