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As part of SLL’s mission promoting academic success the Institute has a Retention & Student Engagement team who are here to support students throughout their journey in WIT. 

It is not unusual to feel overwhelmed at times by all the adjustments you have to make when you first go to college or during your course. It is important to remember that you're certainly not alone in having those feelings. We assist students who are struggling on their courses, who for one reason or another may not be able to continue with their studies, or who want to change courses.

Members of the team are available to meet students whose personal circumstances are intersecting with their academic life in challenging ways. We work with students on a wide variety of issues, including both personal and academic concerns. Issues may include but are not limited to:

  • Not sure if you’re on the right course
  • Thinking of leaving your course/deregistering
  • Taking some time out from your course/deferring
  • Struggling with college work
  • Changing course
  • Other challenges

The team aims to pay attention to the whole student (e.g. personal, social, academic) in providing support and in thinking about the best places to make helpful referrals. In addition to meeting with students, advocating on their behalf and we frequently collaborates with other offices throughout the Institute. We have a deep respect for the process of growth and learning that comes with facing the things that challenge us. 

Conor Phelan - Retention & Student Engagement Officer

Tel: 051 845662

Email: [email protected]

Our Retention Officer meets with students to help with many issues they may be having be it personal or academic. The following are some of the nature of the queries which our Rentention Team can help with; 

  • Deregistration - this is when you decide to leave your programme

  • Deferrals - this is when you take some time out from your studies for a semester or year and may occur for many reasons, personal, academic, financial and so on

  • Transferring Courses - if you are unhappy on your programme there may be an opportunity to transfer at the beginning of the academic year

Meet the Team

Katie Dillion Keane
Eimear Breathnach
Thomas Grinsell
Marie Sheedy
Nicole Jordan