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Semester 1 Supports

Support signpost The beginning of Semester 1 can be quite a tumultuous time and we in SLL want to support you as best we can during it. This area brings together relevant information about exam results, academic supports, student supports and other resources you may find helpful during this time. 

We wish you the very best of luck during this Semester. The important thing to remember from Orientation is that there are a wide number of services available to you during your time with us but it is up to you to ask for help if and when you need it. Even if you’re not sure which of the services are most appropriate for you, ask any member of the SLL team and we will point you in the right direction!
Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to come back to us. 

Below is a list of helpful resources to assist with queries you may have about your exam results. Next image

SLL are here to support students during this time, we will have query desks around campus so please stop by or drop us an e-mail to [email protected]

Best of luck everyone! 

Exam Results 

This is where you access your exams results on-line. 

Exam results

Reset Password

If you are having difficulty logging in to get your results, and need to reset your password click here. 

Re-set your password to access your results on-line

School Office contact details

If you have queries about your results and need to contact your School Office, click here:

School Office contact details  for Exam Results queries

Staff contact details

Staff directory – if you need to contact your lecturer

Exam Information Hub

This is central hub of exams results related information:

Exam results Information Hub

Viewing your scripts

If you want to apply to view your exam script, please click here:

Viewing of scripts

Please note the closing date


Examination results may be appealed on the basis of perceived substantive irregularity or inequity in the examination process or in the delivery of the prescribed curriculum.

Please click here for more information:


Please note the closing date

Exam Regualtions

Exam Procedures & Regulations

Ask a question on-line

If you are not on campus, and not sure who to contact, please use this on-line form to ask a question:

Ask an Exam Results Question

What do the letters beside my results mean?

Exam results abbreviations

EngageWIT is a new initiative launched by Student Life & Learning team that aims to provide supports to all students from second year onwards. It contains vital information around the supports and services within the Institute, in an effort to ensure that you have the best academic, personal and social experience whilst here as a student. We have created an extensive schedule and would encourage you to log on to these sessions to find out more about what is available to you in WIT. 

Day Date Department Time Link Meeting ID
Monday 16th November Applied Arts 12:15pm    
    Creative & Performing Arts 4:15pm    
Tuesday 17th November Languages, Tourism & Hospitality 9:15am Join here 954 2064 7022
    Accounting & Economics 12:15pm Join here 964 8081 1209
    Management & Organisation 3:15pm Join here 925 8621 8461
Wednesday 18th November Science 12:15pm Join here 914 8766 2399
    Computing & Maths 3:15pm Join here 910 3266 1022
Thursday 19th November Health, Sport & Exercise 12:15pm Join here 938 2744 1969
    Nursing 3:15pm Join here 958 8064 7941
Friday 20th November Engineering Technology 12:15pm Join here 983 4947 0462
    Architecture 2:15pm Join here 910 1795 8258
    Built Environment 3:15pm Join here 984 5173 5794
Monday 23rd November Built Environment 10:15pm Join here 921 6841 3847
    Engineering Technology 3:15pm Join here 927 7228 1395
    Architecture 4:15pm Join here 977 3663 9676
Tuesday 24th November Science 9:15am Join here 981 2994 7077
    Computing & Maths 12:15pm Join here 912 3622 8899
Wednesday 25th November Nursing 10:15am Join here 924 8950 8123
    Health, Sport & Exercise 4:15pm Join here 943 7833 3186
Thursday 26th November Management & Organisation 2:15pm Join here 937 1361 5704
    Accounting & Economics 4:15pm Join here 925 7441 3529
Friday 27th November Applied Arts 10:15am Join here 963 5820 9475
    Creative & Performing Arts 12:15pm Join here 921 8270 0392
    Languages, Tourism & Hospitality 2:15pm Join here 984 5158 1266

The Computing & Maths Learning Centre is located in FTG25 on the Cork Road Campus. Maths image

It is open to all students.

There is no need to make an appointment and it is free of charge.

It provides additional support to students with the maths content of their courses. It is also a quiet study area for students to work on their maths assignments. Students should bring their own class notes, homework or past exam papers. The tutor may not have access to your course material so it is important that you bring your own.

All students welcome — No need to make an appointment — Bring your notes and class work!

Full details on the centre's opening hours and timetable for this semester are available here.  


There are also academic writing available free to all students.

Times and dates have to be confirmed but it is hoped that this will start to take place in Week 3 (23rd September). 

During the semester Student Life and Learning run Academic Writing Workshops for students who might need some direction on writing reports, projects, referencing etc. Please come along to our Zoom sessions for assistance with your academic writing.There is no need to book, just drop in to a session that suits you. Its also free. 

Week Day Date Time Link Meeting ID Passcode
Week 5 Wednesday 28th October 11am Join here 934 6639 7202 WIT
Week 6 Friday 6th November 11am Join here 983 9647 6810 WIT
Week 7 Wednesday 11th November 11am Join here 966 3611 5549 WIT
Week 8 Monday 16th November 5pm Join here 963 6325 9179 WIT
Week 8 Friday 20th November 11am Join here 934 9611 9878 WIT
Week 9 Monday 23rd November 5pm Join here 991 6510 6729 WIT
Week 9 Wednesday 25th November 11am Join here 930 8167 0856 WIT
Week 10 Monday 30th November 5pm Join here 944 4471 0293 WIT
Week 10 Friday 4th December 11am Join here 986 0487 7623 WIT
Week 11 Wednesday 9th December 11am Join here 987 0419 4670 WIT
Week 12 Wednesday 16th December 11am Join here 956 9098 5813 WIT